What the heck is this about?

by DrC
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I got a client asking about Paul Jenkins,,,, and his e currency arbitrage system,,,

I found the site and of course the sales letter seems good. Cant find any REAL reviews of it anywhere. Any Warriors know anything about Paul or this concept?


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      I know just a very little about this. What it is all about is depositing money with outfits like e-gold, e-bullion, and other e-currencies. They charge a fee every time someone uses their service and you get a cut of those fees they earn on a daily basis. I don't really know the mechanics of it, but you are somehow providing them the funds they need to operate and so you get a share of the fees they earn each day.

      Lots of people do it, and even a friend of mine had an e-gold account that used to grow in size if he didn't use it from what he told me. That is about all I know about it. I thought some time ago that I should buy one of these manuals to find out exactly how to do it, but so far have not got around to it. I would guess that if a person bought it they would definitely make money if they used the information within it. There are a few others just like this one, and they all seem to charge the same amount I believe.

      I would be interested to know if you do go ahead and get it. Like I told you, I have thought about buying such a manual but so far haven't got around to it. Probably because of the $300 price tag.

      Tim Pears

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      Hey DrC,
      I am a student of Paul Jenkins. Paul does not do a lot of self promotion (as I have found through my research) however, I assure you that he is the real deal. I've been scammed a few times and know the feeling. I'm also from Hawaii (Waianae to be exact) retired and desire to help seeking entrepreneurs like yourself to never get scammed. Through the Paul Jenkins system, I have a website that is set-up to provide reviews on online businesses and scams. Due to some technical issues, it will not be ready for viewing until Monday (hopefully). I would encourage you to check it out. It is purely informational. My website URL: ReviewsAreUs.com. You could also email me directly, through the website, to discuss your concerns. Hope this helps...
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    I bought this product but i can't get a refund from them as they don't reply to my emails. I will sell my access code to anyone that wants it for $50 as ineed to get my money back.
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      I am not sure but I think this is different from what I was thinking about. I have read a few items regarding this fellow and it seems like his ecurrency arbitrage is different than what I was familiar with. Sorry if I confused someone. I was talking about e currencies, but I am not sure what this fellow is selling.

      Forest, what is the problem with it that you want your money back? Please give us some details on the program and why you don't like it. I don't think his offer included any money back if you weren't satisfied type of guarantee. He worded it very carefully so as to avoid letting you get your money back. A little sleazy, but obviously for a reason.

      Tim Pears

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      • After a good bit of research, I've figured out what "ecurrency arbitrage" is. The program is training you to place adwords ads to send traffic to their IM affiliate program, which includes a pay-per-lead program.

        Yep, it's a big introductory course on PPC direct linking, aka Google Cash!

        Very clever of Paul Jenkins to call it "ecurrency arbitrage" to make it unique. Plus, he's training an army of newbies to be his affiliates (after they pay $297 for training). A slick lesson in marketing here! I have to admire that at least (ok the sales copy is awesome too!).

        Does the program work if you work it? An Ecurrency Arbitrage student is detailing his experience on his blog:
        eCurrency Arbitrage
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          captainleisuresuit is right on the money about what the program is. I bought the program last month and decided after reviewing a bunch of the training videos that it wasn't something that I wanted to do. It looks good and there's a lot of good training, but it just wasn't for me. Mr Jenkins offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. I asked for a refund - 3 times in the last 2 weeks and have been totally ignored. Make sure you're willing to lose the $297 if you buy the program and decide it's not what you want. I'm now having to go through my credit card company to try to get my money back.
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