How to earn money by creating videos.

by nuwanz
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Dear warriors, I have created lot sales videos during last five years as a freelance video producer. Know I'm planing to take the next step.

Create my own videos and earn money through them. But I don't know where to start.
I can create videos promoting any product. But I don't know how to earn money through them. Some steady income? around 1000$ per month.

I'm not very good in writing in English( As you can see :-) )
But I'm good at making videos. So what I can do?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

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    Well video, like anything else online, is just a way of presenting content. Then you will need to drive traffic to your content, get people to watch it, and get them to take an action.

    Pretty popular is to upload it to YouTube with a keyword that people are actually searching for in the title and description, and then back link it to rank it in the SERPS (like Google).
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    Are these sale copies to use in sale pages or promotion videos for youtube?
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      Thanks Marc Rodill and Borja Obeso... for quick reply.

      @Borja Obeso I can create any type of video. I have created both promotion videos and video sales letters.

      Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
      Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    Thanks Marc Rodill, What I can do after get lot off traffic from YouTube and Google.
    Where to direct them.?


    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    It's not about Montage or making some good videos, It's about you my friend, and it's about the product that you want to make the video for, and what's important is the Content of the video.
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      I don't know much, but I will try to help.

      If your expertise is creating videos that sell products, then put together an information product explaining how to do that.

      Begin posting short videos on YouTube, basically giving out small bits of information concerning promotional videos. In the video, be sure to include the link to your website, and put the link to the site as the very first line in the video description. it will be a clickable link if it's first.

      The website needs to contain a pitch and a signup form for your email list. You'll probly get the best response on your list if you create a serious of followup messages that provide some info that they need, but not all. Save the good info for your info product. Eventually, make a pitch for your info product to your list.
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    I wanted to add...

    I have examined some of the big guys on YouTube. They "appear" to have viral videos, but I don't think that's the case at all. They have an ungodly number of subscribers. They way they got those subscribers is by posting content people want to see, and posting new content on a regular basis. I really think that's the big one... make sure there is a steady stream of content. If you post a few videos and quit, you can forget it. But if you post new videos say... once a week or every couple of weeks, the subscribers will keep rolling in.
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    Thank you CaptainPike and Yassine.
    Specially CaptainPike gave me the best answer so far...!
    You are very talented.


    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    Originally Posted by nuwanz View Post

    But I don't know where to start.
    I can create videos promoting any product. But I don't know how to earn money .
    Start on Fiverr. You won't make money trying to upload hundreds of videos on youtube, it simply doesn't work, as many claim here it is. Sell it as a Service on Ebay and Fiverr, not sure about $1k, probably not realistic, too much competition, but you can always try to see, if my statement is false, good luck.
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      You should learn how to effectively rank videos..

      If you can create professional videos you're half way to creating a killer service. If you learn how to rank videos, you can out source the ranking/backlinking and sell your video service as a complete package...

      If you learn a proven formula for ranking them, (there's a ton of WSO's that teach that) you should be able to turn a nice profit on those types of packages...

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    You should monetize your videos with affiliate offers or cpa offers. Depends what type of videos you create but you can't create a sales video without narration.... so if you create the video you will either have to read the script or pay someone to do it...
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    Thanks wizbiz, VinnyBock, thedanbrown, Art of Marketing.... All you guys gave me great tips.
    I'm looking forward to find which suits best for me and work on it.

    And aslo @Art of Marketing
    "Focus on putting Money in your customers Pockets and Money will turn up in yours."

    This is the best thing I ever heard about the internet marketing.
    This changed my mindset about IM.

    If anyone have good tips. Please add it here.
    I will probably post results after trying methods.
    I think it will help newbies like me.


    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    One technique I use is to create a video and then put my URL in the description. It may not have the exact keyword phrase but the people viewing the video see it and might click through. As long as your video is informative and based around what you are promoting, they may click through to see what other information you have.

    Just paste the URL to your money site in and then put your description after it. I don't do a lot of video marketing, but it works really well for me on YouTube. Hope that helps.
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    another way is to monetize your video's by using youtube partnership. (The 5sec adds that you see before a video).
    You could use this as an extra income.
    for example:
    you make a movie to promote a product and use affiliate links to a website where they can buy it. If you add a youtube partnership, you'll earn money with the affiliates AND with the adds on your video.
    Youtube partnership recently opened up for everyone, so it should be easy to get in.
    I just got in myself, but I'm still struggling to make my first money on it. (probably a problem with my adsense account)
    off the record, if someone can help me to complete the setup of my partnership, that would be wonderful :p
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  • Profile picture of the author nuwanz
    Thanks Royonline,

    According to instruction from warriors I started to learn about video SEO.
    But I have no idea how to market it. Should I sell it as a monthly subscription.
    Or one time fees?

    As a example, One video for month + seo service. = Xprice

    How much someone will pay for it? what you will pay?

    And also I have another idea. Get into weight loss niche.
    In my country weightloss.xx is also available. There is no any single blog about weight loss but there are lot of over weight people here. according to the Google keyword tool it's 5,000,000 searches locally.
    Do you guys suggest to do that? I can hire some one to write? I will create videos following articles to get some good ranking..!

    Sorry For having lot of question. This is because I'm ready to go with the knowledge and strength I got from Warriors..!


    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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      I am new here and I am by no means an expert, but I have a few ideas:

      Start with what you know---maybe you could make a series of videos teaching folks how to make good videos, maybe review some equipment, offer tips/techniques,etc. Google the Video Genesis guys - they have made a business out of doing that very thing.

      You can also market training to local businesses by showing them the benefit of an online video presence and as part of your "funnel" you could get some freelance work out of it.

      Also, you may want to consider niche training. For example, I work as an authors assistant helping folks write books - a relatively new marketing tool is video book trailers. Maybe a video teaching them (authors) how to make one? Or target authors as a market and offer your services to them specifically for book trailers.

      Thats all I have at the moment Good luck to you!
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  • Profile picture of the author nuwanz
    Thank you Craftaway, You can be new here But you are very talented.

    And also small correction here about weight loss monthly traffic its - 8,100 locally.


    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    hi nuwanz, you can sell your own video graphic pack. make things easier for newbies to start video marketing, they can just drag and drop your motion and use it in their own video production. custom animation like buy now, dollar sign, email us at.. and you cna also include lower third graphics and much more. good luck Nuwanz
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    start with some of your best skills, record it and if people find it useful, you will start earning some money -- well there are many newbies who would love to learn and uplift their sales page with d.i.y videos. newbies who would do videos by themselves until they have enough resource to start outsource.
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