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I am looking to hire a product description writer for our website.

Where do i look for good quality Philippine writers?

Thank you
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    oDesk, Guru, eLance.....but most likely oDesk.
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    oDesk is the way to go.
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    Make sure you look for a native English speaker who has done product description writing before.

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    I can also vouch for odesk. I use it all the time for jobs which include article writing. You would be surprised to who well a lot of people from the Phillipenes can speak English, and you can get them for a very cheap price.
    I've also heard of success with using elance, however I feel that is only the way to go if you have a real long term job with high payment accumulations.

    So odesk is the way to go.
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

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  • You can also try the Warriors for Hire section, you'll find great writers there. You can also find good writers on Onlinejobs.ph or Bestjobs.ph.
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    be careful on writers from the PI. Lots of them offer low quality and copied content. Always check references. I'm biased of course, but just putting in my 2 cents.

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      I have used Odesk in the past and had very mixed results. Now I just do all the writing myself.

      Like one of the posts above stated you want to make sure they have strong English writing skills. Perhaps start with a small assignment and judge their writing form there.
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      Originally Posted by pamon View Post

      be careful on writers from the PI. Lots of them offer low quality and copied content. Always check references. I'm biased of course, but just putting in my 2 cents.
      I'm Filipino, but I was born in Los Angeles, CA . And I agree, a lot of them offer low quality content. There are a few gems here and there so like Pamon said, check their references.

      I don't like outsourcing to the Philippines, or India or anywhere of that matter. That's just me though.

      RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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        I'm Filipino, but I was born in Los Angeles, CA . And I agree, a lot of them offer low quality content. There are a few gems here and there so like Pamon said, check their references.

        I don't like outsourcing to the Philippines, or India or anywhere of that matter. That's just me though.
        I agree that hiring Filipinos to write English content is generally a bad idea - I've come across about 2 or 3 solid ones in my time online, but they usually knew they were good enough to charge the same amount as native speakers.

        That said, I do often work with them on web design. How come you don't like outsourcing to those places? Just find it to be a headache or don't like it for other reasons?

        I have no real substantial motivation for the question (I'm American); just curious about a LA-based Filipino's perspective, I suppose.
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    You can try writeraccess, there are plenty native english writers over there. And important is their immediate turnover time. They are amazingly fast.
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    This maybe unorthodox but sometimes I use fiverr as an outsourcing place hear me out:

    I found a greeaaat U.S native writer who has a B.A in english. I found her on fiverr, of course I know the work she does is worth way more than 5 bucks so I messaged her and we agreed on a price together and I used pay pal as a way of transaction. Great experience I can recommend you to her.
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    You can also try easyoutsource.com
    I heard nice things for them.
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    I don't say to prefer odesk, guru, Freelancer ... these freelancing sites, as I had poor experience outsourcing from there, though you'll get service at cheaper...now content is most vital for search engines...so I'd like to suggest to hire some professional or any SEO (search engine optimization) firm searching on google.com.ph. I'm also lead a SEO firm, but I can't provide you Philippine writers.
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    For one off projects Odesk works really well. however, if what you do grows into multiple sites each using facebook & twitter etc. You may want to consider hiring someone full time to manage the lot, someone who's been carefully selected on a trial basis first with a view to expanding the role.

    The most common issues with hiring in the Philippines is the brief is usually never detailed enough, so expectations are not met or the interviews that should take place prior to taking someone on are not thorough enough. By speaking you can establish and test the level of English required for the task in hand.

    For now, stick with odesk and make sure the person knows exactly what's required.
    All the best - Nick.
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    ODesk,Elance,freelancer.com....the list is long
    But i would strongly recommend oDesk.
    Good luck!
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    you can also find them here on forum, there are many writer warriors here who are accepting the job.
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    Are you looking for your copy to be written in Tagalog or is there another reason you're looking for Pinoys?
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    Hiring a product description writer from the Philippines is a great idea. When it comes to writing, you can be assured of quality--just make sure that you're hiring the right person though. Going to Odesk is a great idea since many great writers can be found there. Elance and Freelancer are good options too.

    All the best...
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    If you need something long term, I've found good outsourcers here: at onlinejobs (dot) ph.
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    Always make sure you get samples of work first if you're outsourcing, preferably ones that are proven to be by the writer!
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    Hi there! I may be biased when I say this but Elance seems to be the best place to hire writers these days. Aside from earning income there, I hire writers on a regular basis and Phillipino writers (GOOD ones) are quite common. They generally work for $3 or $4 per 500 word article. Good luck!
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    Just any website related to freelancing- oDesk, freelancers.com, eLance..
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    odesk, freelance, onlinejobs.ph.. But make sure you will put the potential applicants in a test period to make sure you'll be the right person for it. The above suggestions are good sources as well. Good Luck!
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    OnlineJobs.ph and Odesk are great source of good Filipino online writers.

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    Do a search on this forum. I have tried odesk and elance.
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    I have very very bad experience with Philippine writers.
    Well, they can be great for outsourcing other tasks, but for writing i would choose a native speakers.
    (maybe it's just my bad luck, but i tried MANY and it's been very low quality English level, with lots of mistakes..)

    Now, i hire for writing only native speakers...yes, it;s more expensive, but so much better result.
    But, if i need easy tasks, that don't require high level English, i hire Filipinos and very happy with the result.
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    Try odesk.
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    I found a good native English writer here on WF... So, check the forum first!
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  • I've actually been living in the Philippines for the past two months and interact with them exclusively in my day-to-day. Wonderful people.

    There are definitely some among the younger generation who have impressive non-native English writing skills. However, they're still not going to compare to a native speaker when it comes down to grasping the subtle nuances and having a true command of such a complex language. I've Skyped with a few who had excellent grammar during more surface level conversations but they inevitably begin to falter if I begin addressing them in the same way as a fellow native and venture off into deeper topics. The few with nearly perfect English are not getting paid the same low rates of your typical Filipino.

    That being said, they can be a good option for simpler pieces or if you don't mind cleaning things up behind them. I haven't used some of the other sites mentioned but I noticed plenty of Filipino contractors on Elance and oDesk.
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    You can find the freelancers from Philippines. Its always better to have interview through skype with eligible candidates and then handover the work as it will save you lot of time and money.

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    I would suggest oDesk just make your description is clear and make sure you filter the right person to do outsourcing task.
    Call Center Philippines that offers voice, non-voice, & back office solutions from its Philippine operations site. Open Access BPO lets clients customize their outsourced services to fit their business' needs.
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    You can take a look on the freelancing market place. Of course you will get the worker, as you want. Odesk, elance, vworker & so on.
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    I'm a Filipino freelance writer but you're probably looking for cheap writers. So, I won't pitch myself here. A little rant here because we're on topic, I was raised in an English speaking environment and I can say for sure that the good English speaking ones aren't in the freelance market. They also wouldn't work for peanuts because most of them are usually western citizens like I am for example.

    Anyways, I've worked with fellow Filipinos on these freelance sites and 1/10 you're going to get a good one. The rest of the 9/10 are unresponsive and can be a bit of a headache. You have to really spend your time interviewing like NShankar said.

    In my experience, the thing to look for when hiring a Filipino on freelance sites are their researching efforts and not their ESL writing. You can just outsource proofreaders/editors to fix the errors afterwards.
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    Fiverr can be another good choice to get writers. Easy to order and get the work done with the click of button.
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    I have had good success with odesk and writers from the phillipines, you just have to test a few till you find one that you are happy with, but they out there, just need to find them!
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