What Is An Ezine!? - New To Article Submissing Please Help!

by Wade_Louis 4 replies
What is an ezine? Where can I find an ezine? Why is it important to submit my articles to ezines??? Please I'm lost at this point in writing articles if anyone can help me I'd be extremely grateful.

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      no not ezine articles, I know what those are... what are ezines?
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        Hell if I know but I HATE the word Ezine.

        If I ever find out who invented that word I will...well, do nothing, but still.

        UGH EZINES. That word drives me CRAZY. I won't be able to sleep tonite because you mentioned this, thanks a lot...

        So for your answer:

        An Ezine is a word that annoys the hell out of me and causes me to shoot randomly into the street.
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          Ezines are "electronic magazines" or newsletters delivered via e-mail or website.

          The common practice around here is not to submit your articles to ezines, but to article directories. These directories are accessible by anyone and can be used by ezine publishers.

          For example, an ezine publisher looks for an article they would like to use in their latest issue. They would go to an article directory such as http://www.ezinearticles.com and choose the ideal candidate.

          Anyone can publish these articles, not just ezine publishers. The benefit to you will be that your links would still be intact, bringing new visitors to your website.

          I gave http://www.ezinearticles.com as an example because it is the most popular and favored by Google. As an internet marketer, it is important to submit articles to build links to your website, to sell your products, to sell affiliate products, to build your list, etc...

          One of the most powerful reasons to write articles is to build up your website reputation with search engines to get ranked higher.
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