Workshop from heaven?

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Wow... that was fun!

Just a few days ago I returned from an Internet Training Workshop held by David Cavanagh in Pattaya Beach, Thailand.

The topic was geared towards Internet newbies and the reason I was attending was because David invited me to present some of the software and services that I created to his students.

But guess what... ? Even I wrote down 3 pages of notes containing bits and pieces I picked up during the 3 1/2 days workshop.

It was nice to see that David gave so much real information and money making techniques to his newbies that attended. What I also though was nice is that David didn't sell them there on the spot even more stuff (not even my stuff was sold there on the spot)... but he gave lots of useful information (and I tried providing useful information as well wherever possible). Good on him.

Besides all that learning we also had heaps of fun. Check this heavenly treat that lasted an hour and just cost us US $6...

All in all... really cool. Cheap beer, food, tailor made business suits, resort hotel, foot massages and good information combined with lots of fun. I will be back!
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