How to make CD, DVD, Product Box Covers?

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Hey guys,

I am looking for a website that lets me upload some pictures ...and then the website spit back at me a nice looking CD, DVD, Product box, etc...

You know...

Like all the product owners out there show when they reveal their product in their sales pitch.

I have found a couple that do this and create product boxes on their website ...but none that create a DVD box and DVD.

Any suggestions?

Thanks all!
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    I'd Google custom boxes and get the best price.
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      I use CAP - Cover Action Pro and it produces ten different DVD disc and box combinations in its templates.

      However, it is software and not free.

      I'm afraid most of the free alternatives that I have seen leave much to be desired. Spending a little money on excellent graphics is usually a good move, in my opinion.

      Fair or not, potential buyers do "judge a book by its cover."

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    There is plenty of design companies and individuals who do this. In fact I am almost certain that you will find several persons who can do this to a very good standard on Fiverr.

    Just look around on Google, design forums etc.
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

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    There have been a few websites in the past that allow you to do this but as you can well imagine, the results are pretty poor.

    An ecover is the face of your product. Don't skimp on it. Make sure you get a professional designer to create the ecover for you.
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