Is this low gravity on Clickbank?

by mg1000
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Im researching new niches and I found one I like a lot for SEO. However I looked at products for this niche in clickbank and the gravity seemed low
#1 seller in that niche had a gravity of 12%
#2 seller in that niche had a gravity of 7%
the rest were all below 1%

Im new to clickbank. Does that mean anything? Does it mean theres very few affiliates who will promote it?
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    Low gravity means "currently" few affiliates are promoting it. It could be very popular in the past. If you think it's a good product, it may worth promoting. Because the competition is relatively lower.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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      The hardest thing with the Clickbank marketplace is telling whether a product has a low gravity because it's a new product and has few sales, or it's an old product that has lived its life and isn't selling.

      There are a few websites that show histories of products. (here's the plug). I've just launched a free one that has all the information you could ever need. Click the link in my sig.
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    Where do you get gravity in % points? I am unable to fund such on the Clickbank site

    Shafir Ahmad
    ShafirAhmad.Net My Blog

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      Originally Posted by ShafirAhmad View Post

      Where do you get gravity in % points? I am unable to fund such on the Clickbank site
      I don't have the gravity in %. I have a +/- value which is the difference since yesterday.

      There are a couple of other values that you won't find on the clickbank site, such as the price and the refund rate.
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      Bottom line is that you need a lot more information than just the gravity. At the end of the day it could have a gravity of just 2 but those two affiliates could be selling 1000 each of the product a month.

      Lots of affiliates will look at it and say Oh, the gravity is only 2 so I will not sell it but if they looked at the sales page or other factors and if they knew that behind the scenes these two affiliates where making a killing then they would think differently.

      However, that said, I am not trying to contradict myself but generally I aim for products with a gravity over 40. This is because it has a history of being sold by affiliates and is more likely to convert well than a product with a gravity of say, 2.

      But if I like a particular niche because my research tells me it is hot and then I find a product that I like even if the gravity is low, then I will still take a stab at it. And if the niche is hot but the product is not, then I would seriously consider creating my own product for the niche - do you see where I am coming from...
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    i like cbenegine for stats, CB marketplace is a little limited.

    This being said, i first conduct preliminary keyword research to see how good a niche it is, and then look for products. I actually prefer mid-gravity.
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