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I am using a pseudonym for my online information product. The pseudonym is a pretty common, unremarkable name. Recently some guy with the same name emailed me, accusing me of creating a fake online persona using his name. I can't see why this would be a problem, but I just want to make sure that I'm not breaking any laws. I'm obviously not claiming to be him or using any aspect of his identity apart from the (very common) name. Any thoughts??
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    I don't see why this particular person would be upset and I don't see how you could get in trouble. It's not like you're using his photo and/or pretending to be him.
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    This is quite difficult question, only legal adviser will give you proper advice on it.....

    but in my opinion if it is very common name, then personally I wouldn't care much about him and would still use it...
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    Hahaha, I wouldn't worry about it.

    How many John Smiths are there out there??
    Just ignore them and focus on making your moolah!
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    Doubt your breaking any laws. People have the same name all the time. Doesn't mean he can't sue you though, you can sue anyone for anything. But unless he's a celebrity, famous, or otherwise loaded then you probably have nothing to worry about.
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      Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice!
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    Seven Billion people (7,000,000,000) and ONE person complains that there's someone with the same name.

    It's this kind of Human Stupidity that I laugh at. Thank you for making my day a little better.

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