Thank You Warriors - I Have Done It

by John Motson 14 replies
Hi fellow warriors,

Last week I came in with a problem - complaints from some subscribers
about me selling some of my services - services I worked hard for...

Anyways, some warriors suggested I put together a subscriber service,
others encouraged me in general - most of all, all feedback was 100%

Encouraged by this, and fueled on by my original idea, I went to work this
weekend and I put together something I believe I can be proud of:

Behold my subscription forum:
DNXpert Domaining Forum

As for the subscription part - I used vbulletin features to add a Premium Access
section at $7.95, $9.95 and $14.95 per month ( instead of amember etc ).

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts about the look, functionality etc.
I just publicized it to my newsletter and I am getting subscribers by the truck load.

Thanks again warriors for pushing me to do this!

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