Is Reduce Bounce Rate plugin awesome or dangerous?

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I installed this plugin 3 days ago and the result is phenomenal. My bounce rate dropped from 75% to 13% and my visit duration has gone from 02.38 to 24.11.

This is awesome but I am worrying that it may be too awesome and there could be a downside. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the pros and cons (if any)?

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    Well, according to the plugin page, it's "totally accepted by Google."

    But it's only got five reviews. I'm always a bit leery of any kind of behind the scenes manipulation, if you could call this that.

    Of course, and internet purist would tell you to get your bounce rate and time on page lower without having to resort to such tactics.

    After all, if it IS legit, then soon everybody will be doing it, and comparatively speaking, you'd be back where you were.

    If it's NOT legit, then you'll be "sandboxed" soon enough.

    Either way, any advantage you get from such technology is short lived. May as well spend your time building a site people like more than other sites in the same niche, based on ANY metric.
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      Thanks for your reply and I get what you're saying.

      I do endeavor to make my site really informative and I get great feedback, lots of comments and people opting in to my list every day.

      The main problem I have is that I have a lot of information posts and recipes where if someone is looking for something specific and I give it to them on that page no interaction is registered so it gets a good time on site (they obviously read the whole thing) but a high bounce rate.

      I have installed YARRP related post plugin and have tried writing more posts in batches around particular topics but despite this my bounce rate stays around 70%.

      Hopefully there is someone here who has used it for a while and can share their findings.
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        I read the description and reviews. It is what I believe was being given away with a bonus I bought with P1 Content Magnet through the makers of Lead Generation Tool. They were also talking about a "secret" plugin used to drop your bounce rates. I'm sure this is the one.

        If it was spoofing Google, then yes, bad idea. But it's not. What it is doing is sending Google as it crawls your site with a bot, data confirming the ip connection of teh site visitors, and the real-time time stamp of each one.

        Thereby "telling" Google the visitor is still on the site. The issue is Google stops counting the time after the visitor clicks on to another page, but has not left yet. Google is waiting for the last page visited by the visitor to determine a time stamp.

        But what is missing from Google's bot reporting, is "engagement" after the initial page visited. Google discounts any interaction between the visitor and all proceeding pages. So the plugin just tells Google, the visitor is interacting with the first page. Even though the visitor is interacting with other pages on the site.

        Why? Because Google hasn't written a better bot to collect and sort this data. It has alot of ground to cover, and therefore only counts page in, page out time stamps and interaction from the first page. Like a link clicked. That's it.

        So it gives a very inaccurate report of what really is occurring on your site with visitors. This plugin goes to remedy this by telling the Google bot every single interaction as it would have happened on the first page. Why? Because the Google Bot hasn't been written well enough to go deeper into your sites analytics regarding engagement with visitors. Its a cost factor for them.

        And Google only does this to report to PPC Buyers. This is their motivation. So yes, if you had a plugin that reported ALL your pages interactions with each visitor before they left, then Google, would say, visitors interact with your site alot. And therefore, I'm going to rank your site much better!

        What this plugin won't do: It won't decrease the time people spend on your site. What it will do, is report the TRUE measurement of engagement with yru site form visitors, and give a real-time time stamp to when they leave and have this data available for the Google Bot. It gives them a more accurate measurement of your site's bounce rate.

        If Google had a bot that followed your visitor's movements on your site on every page, then this plugin would be moth balled. But Google doesn't, lol.
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    It doesn't affect to anything. I mean it will rally drop your bounce rate, but only in the stats. Google don't count these auto-generated events when it calculates the trust score of your site. So it's just a fun and doesn't give any SEO benefits to your site.
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    Anything slightly black hat is always risky and will get you sandboxed in time!
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