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I have a question in regards to building an email list. I have one list now but thats strictly for my offline business. The question i have is do you use the same list and just keep adding to it when your promoting different kinds of products or do you start new list for each niche?

Example. Your doing a weight loss site so you start one list for that group. Then you start another email list for how to make money online.

Or do you just advertise to people enter your email to receive new offers about many different things or something like that so your list would be a lot bigger and they would receive offers from weight loss and making money.

Also if you were using your email list for CPA offers, would you build the list any differently?

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    You'll want to segment your lists so they are targeted for each group. If you don't segment, and you start emailing non-related offers to people who signed up for something specific, you'll end up seeing a huge unsubscribe rate.
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    I have different lists for different niches. However, I have tried to keep one main list for my IM, ghostwriting, PLR stuff so that I don't have to email different people who will probably want the same info.
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    Thanks for the questions and the answers. I am just starting out making an online business and I want to expand to different topics later on and I was wondering the same thing. I think that tip will keep me organized right off the bat. Thank you.

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    Segmentation is important. I have a different list for each sales funnel. For instance I have several lists in the I.M. Niche alone (ie. graphics, Wordpress plugins, SEO, etc.)
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