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by Abitha
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I have come across a site called slideshare. Is marketing there really worth?Any suggesstions please
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    Sure they're worth it !
    All Marketing efforts is worth it with the right approach!
    Some other similar sites also worth a try is..

    Good luck there!
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    I have used slideshare in the past with very limited results. However I am sure there are folks out there who have had some success using slideshare for traffic - as long as you put up many presentations. I have also heard the links on slideshare documents are no longer clickable, but you may want to double check this fact as I no longer use slideshare for traffic.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't seen a lot of traffic but I tied to submit to all doc sites and I got traffic.
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    Yes, definitely worth it. Others are so focused into blogging and social media marketing that’s why the SlideShare option is usually overlooked. This is actually a great source of traffic as millions of people who would like to find quality topics they’re interested in, go to slid SlideShare. You should consider this option as aside from serving as a great traffic source, SlideShare also offers the following:

    - Lead generation
    - Ability to embed complex designs
    - Access to analytics for the entry-level paid account
    - Easy optimization
    I hope this helps Abitha.
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    Slideshare is another good source of traffic aside from the fact that it can easily rank high on Google searches base from my experience.
    No Clicking Here - I Repeat No Clicking Here
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    Links are still clickable once you reach the third page i think.

    as long as you can captivate an audience for thee pages you should be fine.
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    i think the link are not click able i try it couple days ago.. but maybe you can put your site link ... my first sale at clickbank are from doc sharing site scribd, it's good for traffic but i'm quite lazy to make article every day so i find another way to make some $$$

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    I use Slideshare. The very first day I upload a presentation or PDF report there I get 200-250 views, the next day it's only 5-10, after a week or so - no more views. Of course it helps me put my documents on first pages of Google for not really competitive long tail keywords but it doesn't change the situation.

    Another drawback is that the traffic arriving to your documents doesn't convert. After 200-300 views - not a single comment, no likes, no shares, 3-5 visits to your blog. No matter how good your content is - this is what happens, not only to me but to many many good people out there.

    Meanwhile there are some big boys and girls who take all Slideshare traffic to themselves. Wanna compete them?
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