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Hi guys - I'm here to ask the age-old question. How do I make more money with my site?

I run a college sports website that currently gets between 1.5 and 2 million hits per month - 50% from mobile, 12% from tablet, 38% from desktop. I've looked at mobile monetization solutions like dudamobile and onswipe, both of which claim to increase your page views via pagination, but I can't get past the fact that I can only run an ad or two per page if I switch.

Right now we just use a combination of three middle-of-the-road ad providers and get an overall eCPM of something around $1.50 - total, on 6 ads. Not great. Making $3,000 on 2 million pageviews just doesn't sound right.

Do you all have any suggestions for things I can do to increase my monthly income? I feel like I'm getting decent traffic but I haven't figured out how to optimize the revenue stream.

Thanks - really appreciate any advice!
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    You've got so powerful highly trafficked website! Wow! You can monetize it as an affiliate making huge money. Search for good CPA offers on CPA networks first off, you can promote physical sport related products from E-bay or Amazon, you can promote sport related digital products from Clickbank and get paid great commissions.
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    Your best bet is to try a per install program for mobile data - with the right provider you can rake in the dough. PM me if you want a hookup with a personal manager at a reputable ad service.
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    • Thanks! I actually don't have an app, it's just mobile traffic to the regular version of our site. Would that still work for per-install?
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      After going over your post a couple times, I have decided to act upon one thing in particular .

      You state that you haven't figured out how to optimize your site. However, you have a lovely flow of traffic that is just being begged to be more easily converted. 1.5 - 2 million hits :O - im jealous!

      There are multiply ways of optimization, some being more overlooked than others. 2 ways in particular. Split testing A/B and Tracking.

      Although it can be a tedious task at first, the more you do it the easier and quicker you become.

      Where did you get your stats from in the first place? What do you use to figure out the percentages of different platforms that are viewing your site?

      Anyway, wont drag this out to much longer, but if you are not already familiar with the above methods, I strongly recommend brushing up on these tactics.

      Again they are:

      Split testing ( start broad and go specific. Ex - headers then page lay out )

      Tracking - I recommend installing Google Analytics on your website.

      I apologize in advance if you are already doing this, just wanted to chip in!

      All the best,

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      • Hey - so yeah we definitely have Google Analytics set up - I spend basically my entire life these days staring at it .

        I tend to think the ecommerce angle makes a ton of sense, but the fact that we're only 38% desktop really doesn't help conversion rates.

        Are their mobile ad networks that yield better results than I'm getting? Or do you think CPA is really the way to go?

        Thanks again.
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    That is awesome traffic dude! Yeah, ditto what Max says. If you don't know much about CPA there's a lot of really good info right here on this forum. It has it's own section righ here:

    We don't need to Compete, if we'll only just Create! When we create, there is no competition.

    Take the pain out of Affliliate Marketing and make some money as soon as tommorrow!
    Get details at my blog NOW.

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    It would because it's your site that would serve ads for people accessing your site via mobile browsers - and you would get paid for every app install (of the app being advertised).
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    I would start capturing emails, if you aren't already.

    And due to my personal love for ecommerce/dropshipping, I wools add a store to the site with products for college teams.
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