Companies that send out newsletters?

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Anyone know off the top of their heads what types of offline businesses like to send out newsletters?
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    Nightclubs and event producers. Since there's always a new event, they need to send out newsletters to notify past event attendees.

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    Originally Posted by ATL View Post

    Anyone know off the top of their heads what types of offline businesses like to send out newsletters?
    All of them should, if they want repeat business!

    Ok, that's the short answer. Obviously there are a lot of offline businesses that don't do this. I'm assuming you're selling some kind of list building/maintenance service to to offline clients. If so, restaurants should be good prospects for you. They can make 2 for 1 offers or offer discounts on certain days to get customers comeing back.

    If you tell us more about what exactly you want to achieve, you might get more detailed and valuable responses. Hopefully what I've said is useful to you.

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    Realtors send out 1000s each month
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    Apparel retailers constantly send out newsletters for new product arrivals.

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      Regardless of the type of business you have or are contemplating, a "newsletter" (very broadly used) can be an advantage in what you're doing.

      Now, for your particular industry, a newsletter could be simply a regular communication (like an email) with your customers providing them something of value in the industry (niche).

      Some will say, "Newsletters don't fit my niche. I have a local barbershop."

      Well I say - horse doo doo!

      Newsletters are simply ways to stay in touch with your customers and prospects and build their trust in you (the relationship you want).

      I have a friend that owns a gas station and keeps a mailing list (emails) of all his customers. He gives them specials on brake jobs, windshield wiper blades and tire rotations. He tracks and reminds his customers when they are do for a service. He sends out tips on car care, maintenance, and even driving safety. He knows most of his customers by name and will congratulate them on their birthdays.

      Like Mitch said above, every business can benefit from doing a newsletter if it is very targeted to the business and provides value to the customer.

      Good luck to you,


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    women's health practitioners
    naturopathic physicians
    pet stores

    Any place there is repeat business is a great place to start.
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