My success story (friday's feel good post)

by Kael41
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Caveat: No success story is ever complete, so mine is a work in progress

Figure I'd take a moment today to reflect back on a good start to 2009 and share with new and older members alike on the benefits of making money online from many different channels and the determination to succeed. There are some of us who say that it was easier 7-9 years ago to make money online, and I partially agree. However in today's world, there is so much information and feedback online of what works and doesn't work in the online money making world that we have almost no excuse NOT to make any money.

That's a mouthful, i know. But it's true, stay with me.

I'm not a guru, and i don't have a ton of lists. I don't pop on message forums to preen my feathers and i'm not in the buddy buddy groups with other marketers. I'm kind of like a lone wolf out there, preying on my next niche so to speak..and i like it. Because it works for me.

It helps that I started years ago building websites in dreamweaver, and then moved on to joomla and wordpress. I've seen the ups and downs of pagerank battles, seo tools and tricks, and site linking methods by the dozen. I've bought and read countless ebooks, more rehashed than original unfortunately, but there are always diamonds in the rough. The key is to get positive feedback from new and older members alike. If something looks like it can help one of your processes, and the price point looks good, jump on it. I'm always looking for ways to refine my processes and procedures so that i'm not working HARDER, but SMARTER.

I can't stress that enough.

To me working smarter means that I have an established method to my online madness. I draw income from 3-4 different types of channels. Remember, it's all a numbers game at the end of the day. The trick is to finding a process that allows you to put your presence on the web in the best position to garner someone doing SOMETHING that earns YOU money. And once you find that process, replicate it over several different niches, and hone it so that you can make it better.

I started with Adsense back in the day. That was my first true money maker. Thought it was positively awesome i could make $200/month to pay my electricity bill or food bill. I struck it big in Adsense in several different niches. Think information sites with 90% unique content, keyword rich domain name (.com,.net,.org) and good layouts.

That plan still works for me today. Some sites have maybe 10 pages, others 100 pages or more. The key is variance: different markets, different content, and different domain names (but targetted). But what stays the same is my process behind each site. The keyword research, the writing, the article submissions for backlinks, etc. It still takes work to make money, make no mistake.

I'm an athlete by background, so i'm competitive to start with. In college, I competed internationally in Karate, and rowed varsity crew on a heavyweight 4 man team. I love to push myself and be the best I can possibly be..even making money online. But i wasn't always like that. When I was 13, I was 6'1, 312lbs. Biiig kid. But through an incredible journey of self finding, weight loss, and athletic accomplishment, I realized i could do anything. I graduated high school weighing 170lbs, a high jumper, member of a 4x200 relay team and attained a partial scholarship to play soccer(which i didn't take).

So what i like to do today, is to take all my experiences of weight loss hardship, athletic competition on a national scale and my knowledge and desire to make money online and I make it happen.

No one is born knowing this stuff. We all come from different backgrounds, but at the end of the day we all have the same drive to succeed. If I could lose over 100 lbs as a kid, then i can definitely make money online. Why? Because it was harder to run in 90 degree weather as a fat 300lb 14 year old kid, laboring under his own weight trying to breathe with every step. All i had was myself to rely on.

Now apply this to making money online. You've got motivation stories to rely on. You've got small successes of your own to rely on. You've got more information online now on HOW to succeed than ever before. The trick is to FOCUS and keep building on every small success until you get that A-HA! moment.

And all it takes is that one small step forward with the determination to succeed. Even if the path you take does NOT pan out, the next one might. And if that one doesn't, another might as well. You're already succeeding by identifying what DOESN'T work for you. Eventually, even after all the failures, your experiences will start to coalesce together and you'll have even a better picture on how to do well. That's been my experience so far.

So in short. Adsense is still doing well. Marketing ebooks is still doing well. Making money off a list is really still doing well, and being an ebay affiliate is still a great thing.

Which path are you going to take today?
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    Good post. Congrats on your success.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kael41
    Thanks! It was a long time in coming, but i know other's have approached the same barriers, but not everyone can rely on themselves to overcome them. The power of one is truly inspiring.
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    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. It exemplifies the three pillars of online business success:
    1. Knowledge
    2. Action
    3. Commitment

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    Nice post. Congratz on ur success.
    Thanks for sharing
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  • Profile picture of the author Nigel Greaves
    Good to hear you have achieved so much by "doing what it takes". It's this kind of attitude that so many people lack when they first come into IM. But if they developed your level of commitment they would pretty much guarantee themselves success.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational story - a great start to a Monday morning!

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  • Profile picture of the author laskb67
    Thank you very much for posting this. Focus is my biggest barrier to success. Your post really put this in perspective for me. Congratulations on your success.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dana Forsythe
    Thanks for the post :-) Congrads to ya!
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  • Profile picture of the author nicolekkat
    wow that really was incredible. I was really impressed. That just shows that hard work really does pay off in the end. And it's also Extremely motivating. Thanks for the post
    If you need references then check out my new site. I am still working out some of the kinks.
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  • Profile picture of the author The Villa
    Congratulations. I wish I could be on the same boat right now. I know I am just starting out and that I am bound to meet a few failures along the way. The hardships though just threaten to sink me sometimes. It is such a struggle trying to succeed online
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  • Profile picture of the author Kael41
    Keep your heads up. I think that an immediate goal is to shoot for something small and attain it time and time again. It's alway easy to shoot for something small (I want to earn 5 cents a day with adsense!) and then find what else works so that you can increase that 5 cents to 25 cents a day.

    If you're new to the game, it would be REALLY tough to aim for something astronomical to begin with, no matter what the "gurus" really say. Start small and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, your new found confidence will act as an enabling agent and push you further down the money making path.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jammy
      That's a great post.

      The 'trick' is actually... to work! I see so many people spending ALL day in forums etc without getting on an doing something. It doesn't matter what you do, if it fails, move on to the next thing, eventually you will find the thing that does work for you. Then just rinse and repeat.

      Congratulations and good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary J Martin
    Well done. I salute you. And all the best in the future.
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  • Profile picture of the author dhunter
    Thank you for the inspiring post. It's nice to see a story behind a success to light that fire under those who truly need it. Congratulations on your achievements! Never surrender!
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  • Profile picture of the author PaulRoddik
    Hard work paying off, is not it? I have got a question is, in the times of recession, does the income vary?
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    • Profile picture of the author Kael41
      Good question. I've built up my master plan around different channels of income over the years, so i've got some channels that pick up the slack for other lesser channels right now. Adsense will always do well, imo, if you've got the traffic and s.e positioning for it. When you're first starting out, and ANY IM'er can tell you this, it's always better to focus on one thing first and pour yourself into it. That way, you learn what works and doesn't work for you.

      That being said, there are avenues of income which are not doing as well as they could for me. I've seen a dip in clickbank earnings as well as a dip in some of my other avenues as well. This could be attriibuted to global recession...but at the same time, there has never been a greater time than to be online right now -whether someone is looking for jobs, how to save money, how to refinance, etc.

      People may be less amenable to dropping $45 on a product on a whim now, but if there's a great psychological need tied to a "must survive' belief...well, you as a IM"er are definitely in a position to help them.


      Originally Posted by PaulRoddik View Post

      Hard work paying off, is not it? I have got a question is, in the times of recession, does the income vary?
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  • Profile picture of the author SullyUI
    Congrats, here's to your continued success.

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  • Profile picture of the author Derek-C-Wicks
    Great to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your post was very insightful, thanks for sharing!
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  • Profile picture of the author yaji
    Great, motivating post. I wish WF had an email button so I can email someone directly to motivate him!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks, Yaji

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    Excellent post! I learn a lot, thank you.
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