Anyone know anything about business Insurance for a forum?

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I am helping an offline client set-up a chat forum for his industry but his bank say he needs business insurance to cover liability. He's had a quote of $20K a year. As I don't run any chat forums I'm not sure what to advise? Any thoughts please. Thanks.

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    Typically it is very difficult to sue a forum, and recent cases have protected the forum owner. It might be good to try to understand a little bit more about this, and see just exactly what the bank is wanting your to protect against.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Thanks! I thought the law did allow a bit of leeway for forum owners provided harmful posts were removed ASAP. But I couldn't see much via google to support or deny such a statement.
      The bank are worried the client could lose his business due to getting sued or of course maybe they're just using scare tactics to sell my client a hefty insurance policy?? The chat forum will be in an industry reknown for sueing companies for slander.

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    I know it may sound obvious but
    speak to an attorney.
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      Originally Posted by Kenneth Fox View Post

      I know it may sound obvious but
      speak to an attorney.
      His lawyer seems non plused kenneth but I agree. Suggested he find another but didn't go down too well.
      Thanks anyway.

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    What industry are we talking about? Big institutions tend to have a lot of bureaucratic barriers set up mainly to avoid screwups, however it seems that this might be going a little bit too far.

    yes -no
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    Since when does my bank decide... oh wait... UK... nevermind...
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