Where Can I Get a Review Site Template

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Where can i buy review site templates without joining a monthly membership club?

I have a few that i bought that are just not quite what i wanted.

Any help is appreciated!
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    Which type of review templates are you looking for? Clickbank review templates? Any specific niche?
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    clickbank, weight loss and credit repair
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    I might have some of those sitting on my hard drive. Let me take a look.

    If you are interested and willing to be my guinea pig (Provide Input, What you need etc..) I can create some for you free of charge. PM me if you are interested.

    I am working on setting up a membership site like those you mentioned and it would be good to have some user feedback and interaction.

    Either way, I will still take a look and see if I have any laying around somewhere.
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    sent you a PM, i would love to be your guinea pig!
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    Thats great. I have sent you an email
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    all the templates i saw (also in WSOs) still seemed to "IM stylish" to me and did NOT look "legit".

    Really, with very little effort you can make a review site/page on a wordpress site which looks and feels like the real thing. It is very important (IMHO) to make the site very personal, probably put a name behind the site like "NAME's xyz reviews" address the site visitor directly and make a really, really helpful page where the ultimate GOAL is to make the decision FOR the site visitor since YOU already tested XYZ.

    Keep in mind that zillions of site visitors are looking for information in an "decision making process". They might have seen 20 sites before you - and they are going to see 20 sites AFTER your site before they make a decision where and what to buy. CONVINCE them, talk to them.

    The "ready made" templates i saw are too non-personal and just look like enhanced sales-pages, but not really like credible reviews.

    You can establish an authority (you, as the reviewer) and you CAN convince the visitor that you have enough knowledge and expertise in a certain field so the visitor can STOP jumping to the next site looking for further information.
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    -George that is a great point. Many people don't realize the power of personalization.

    I was checking out niches at one point using CheckNiche.com (Not a product or anything) and if you do a search for Weight Loss you can see that most of the top sites based on alexa traffic ranking are sites like: Susans Weight Loss or Jans Weight Loss Story.

    So that style definitely sells. I also think it is important to note which niche you are in though. Some demographics are a bit different I think and might do better with alternative styles.

    There is definitely proof in the pudding!
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