Is Craiglist any good?

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I just started posting on Craig's list from an old account I have. I was able to repost 3 ads that have brought me sales but they are the same with different wording.

Whenever I try to post any ad after this even if completely different in a different category, the messages says I have exceed my ads for this account and posting was blocked. I only have three ads running and can't post to any other category. wtf

Also, IS there a better way to post to CL than manual?
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    If you can build some other source of traffic, better you concentrate there.
    Craigslist is getting stricter and stricter every day; no more a favourite site for free traffic generation.
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    • I've only heard about doing it manually yourself or hiring others to post for you. There are posting services out there.
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        You are only allowed 2 ads a day per account and IP address. Don't overdue it or your account will be banned.

        You could hire out, but be careful who you hire. Most of the people who you hire will also get there ads ghosted as well.

        Good luck and I hope you figure Craigslist out or go a better route.
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    Its good but you have to be careful. A lot of people will try to con you. It's also always good to meet in a safe open spot like a store. However, if you have a good eye, there are some good deals out there that you can flip for way more on ebay. I remember someone sold a coin set on craigslist for like 50.00 that my friend sold for well over 300.00. The set had a quite a few Morgan Silver dollars in it.
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    Its a good avenue because it gets high response rate from real people. But there are lots of issues you have to deal with Craigslist which includes, ad ghosting, account suspension and posting limitation. Instead of sweating yourself, you can hire someone to do the job for you.
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    Craigslist is not like it used to be. I think it is more like time wasting with Craigslist.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    Originally Posted by flovin View Post

    Craigslist doesn't work for me anymore. I have moved to other sources of traffice.
    I think it doesn't work for any one any more :confused:
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    Are you guys serious? Craigslist work great, maybe it doesn't work for selling a make money online ebook, but it works great for services. And I don't know about 2 ads a day limit!
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    Craigslist is one of the best places to generate traffic. Those who say it has lost its luster do not know how to post their ads correctly. If you have live ads on Craigslist then you will get traffic, bottom line!
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    It has worked great in the past, just keep the ads simple.
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    Craiglist is still best, the problem is that their rules are strict which you have to follow. They allow 2 ads per day, but the result it gives is much much better.
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