what can I do about this blogger?

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There is a wordpress blogger who is trying to sell something but he or she is using my name and website as a testimonial even though I never gave the blogger the permission to do so.

I have tried to contact the blogger without success so far, is there anything else I can do about this?, the blog is not hosted on his domain name but on a wordpress blog so the address is blogwebsite.wordpress.com. I would have ignored the blog, but it is one of the first websites that shows when people Google my name.
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    Send a "cease and desist" order. Tends to get their attention. Nobody likes to get sued. Threaten to turn him over to the FTC for false testimonials.

    I'm not an attorney. Just my thoughts.
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    PPC ad should cost pennies I'm guessing for your name.Run an AD and attack the mans credentials until he removes your name.
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    site has been taken down...

    Could he have been an affiliate promoting one of your products?

    I saw an ad on eBay one time for my product and went ballistic - but then I noticed that the guy had a link at the bottom of the ad and it was an affiliate link.
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