What Method of Payment do you use?

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Hi, having difficulty right here with payment method. I've done Affiliate marketing before but really did not require any payment method whatsover but now i am selling services directly.

I am offering web design, development, SEO and domain and hosting on my services. I realize when I buy reseller I will have billing system but not necarily a payment system. I am also concerend with the other services. Paypal, Moneybookers, Credit Card, Debit card are a legit ways of doing it, but how does this work if i am under contract with a business and not an individual?
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    Last I checked, you can create a Paypal invoice and send it to the company you work for.

    I used to do that when I was working for a online company. They asked me to just create a invoice and send it to them through Paypal and that is what I did.

    Paypal makes it very easy to send are receive payments. In fact, it is quite difficult to get paid for online services if you do not use Paypal.
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    For me, at the moment paypal is the most convenient. But I have to stress it is for small amounts.
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    Even though I always hear mixed reviews. Paypal has yet to fail me.
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    Though most of my clients pay using checks, my invoices all include a PayPal button for those who wish to use it.
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    I've used both various merchant accounts, stripe, clickbank, and paypal over the years. They all have plusses and minues...depending on just what you need. If you're just starting out and don't really know what you're doing...then paypal is probably for you. It's drop dead easy and requires no real upfront costs.
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    been using paypal and it's the best payment processor I have came across so far
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    Why can't you use paypal? It's really great. No fuss, no muss!
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    Paypal is really the best way... because the rest of the world use it, and trust it. It is for the convenience of your buyers.
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    [QUOTE= how does this work if i am under contract with a business and not an individual?[/QUOTE]

    You would be surprised how many offline businesses are using Paypal to buy goods and services. It is the most recognized world wide payment system.
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    Again, I would plump for a business paypal account.
    I have two accounts, 1 personal paypal and 1 business paypal accounts.
    All my business to business deals are obviously on the B2B account and my odds and sods like the odd ebay sale and personal purchases are on the personal acc.
    Keep the two separate and you wont go far wrong!
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    Paypal. Nearly everyone uses it.
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