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Hi everybody.
Wow loads of material and great stuff here.Thanks.
I'm new here. And I'm new with this Internet Business thing as well. And I need to ask you guys some advice.

I have some basic skills with XHTML and I have just finished reading a book about seo just to get a little idea of what this is all about.
I am actually studying engineering wich of course has nothing to do with this stuff. Anyway I find this Internet Business thing pretty interesting, but at the moment my main focus is university of course. So I am looking just for a very little extra money boost, at the moment.

So I am really MOTIVATED to get into this but as I said my time is very LIMITED..and this is my MAIN DOUBT: do you think my 2-3 free hrs a day are worth to invest in learning and working in this field? (My main goal is, let's say.. 10-20$ a day)

Consideing my starting budget very very scarce, which specific method do you think will bring me there in the quickest (and easiest?) way (seo,ppc,pca,blogs...)?

Thanks in advance
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    Hey Qzertty, PM me I may have something that will be able to help you along your way!
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    I recommend Ewen Chia Newbie Cash Machine....give a try!

    Get Awesome professional Banner Ad Design for Just $27! -> Pro Banner Ad Design

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    If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can get a lot out of niche marketing with very little money up front. Setting up niche websites and promoting them the right way will help you earn extra income while you're in school.

    If you're interested, check out my book - Get Niche Quick - link in my sig and get a couple chapters for free to see if it's for you!
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    My advice:

    1) Don't buy every single internet marketing product under the sun -- many newbies fall into this trap.
    2) Don't buy anything or hire anyone unless they have been genuinely recommended to you by someone else.
    3) 20% of your efforts will achieve 80% of your results. Focus on those few tasks that are making you the most money.

    And yes, it's definitely worth your time to study internet marketing... unless you really want to spend the rest of your life in an office building.
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    I think if you can spare 2-3 hrs a day and use this time well then there is no limit to online success.

    Best wishes.
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      Make sure you don't "bounce around" from method to method. Find something that has worked, put it into action long enought to find out if it is going to be profitable for you. If you jump from method to method, you'll most likely wind up getting frustrated with lack of results.
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    I reckon that $10-20 is reasonable but still maybe a bit high for you. I am not trying to put you down at all but I would suggest starting at $1.

    There is someone on WF that is starting of at trying to get $1 a week and then increasing that over time through Google adsense. I think that this is the approach you should take.
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      thank you everyone...great value here. I 'think ill be hanging out in this forum for a while ...any other considerations?
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    The trouble with IM is that there are so many darn ways of making money . They all (well, quite a few) look interesting and exciting but many require a degree of knowlege and ability that may not always be apparent until you try to implement the system.

    SEO is something that can be applied to a site and not a direct money spinner in itself. PPC costs money. Making decent money from Adsense is a bit of an art and income can be low.

    Most forms of IM require traffic and that's one of the trickiest parts of the equation.

    You sound as if you could put a website together so why not try site flipping?

    Or, as you're into engineering, check out some engineering forums, see if there are any problems people are having that you could help them with, write a report/booklet offering the solution and offer it to them.

    Or do a simialr thing with any area you have expertise in.

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    Given your limited expectations and limited resources of time and money, I would probably suggest Adsense as your vehicle. It's a very low cost of entry model that is easily scalable and in time you can ramp it up with affiliate marketing on the same sites you've already built for Adsense.

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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      Try lead generation that's what I'm getting into.
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