Expired Domains - Sell ? Use ?

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I have a few ( ok, 16 ) domains that I bought a few months back from GoDaddy.

All of them are parked, and most arent making much of anything.

What are my options , other than selling them on GoDaddy?
Can they be used ? Are there other sites to sell them on ?

Thanks in advance for the help !
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    Two other marketplaces are Sedo.com and Afternic.com. List for free, pay commission upon sale.
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    Develop the sites?

    You can list them for sale on flippa... *shrugs* not sure exactly what you're looking for.
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    There are plenty of people here that might buy them. Depending on what they are, and how much you want, I might be in the market in a couple of days.

    Tim Pears

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    Sedo.com and afternic.com are amongst the biggest domain sellers. Both good options.

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    How much traffic are you getting out of them? Throw up some ads, fire up some long tail traffic and see if it converts
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    If you have don't have time then I suggest you hire someone and have the domain be revived. Using your old domain is a good idea rather than selling them. Treat your domains as your assets that appreciate as time goes by.
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  • Tntnames.com does sales as well I believe. Good luck!
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    Your websites won't sell on Flippa or Sedo unless you have some proof of traffic/sales. My guess would be to first get this page ranking through some backlinking, maybe throw up some ads and see if you can get some monetization. Furthermore, go to EstiBot.com - Free Domain Appraisal and Domain Productivity Tools and get a value for your site. At least this way you can see what is a reasonable price to ask for your web pages.
    Finally, when you do list on Flippa or Sedo, make sure that you choose the 'tweet' upgrade, because then your website name will be broadcasted to potential buyers. It's just a cool way to make a speedier sale.

    Hope it all works out for you,

    Jake J.
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      Originally Posted by JakeJordan View Post

      Your websites won't sell on Flippa or Sedo unless you have some proof of traffic/sales.
      Sorry but that is just not true. Many sites sell on Flippa without revenue and or traffic. A website with a high PR domain and decent content will sell, sometimes for high price, just on the anticipation the buyer has for the site.

      I know of a fellow who sold a site with a PR3 or PR4 domain recently, that had little traffic and no revenue. He sold it for $5,700.

      I don't know what the site was all about, and I am sure that had much to do with it. But it is possible to sell no traffic and no income sites on Flippa. Many people put sites together and flip them on an on going basis for $100, $200 0r #300 or more. Some make a full time income doing this. A good domain with high PR will get you much more money most of the time.

      Tim Pears

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    All of the above advice is irrelevant, since we are not talking about web sites. We are talking about domain names.

    Reality check: Absent evidence to the contrary, the overwhelming odds are that the domains are worthless. If they are not getting traffic or offers, nobody else likely wants them and they will sit at godaddy until they expire.

    If you want some honest appraisals, post them for a critique. If any have inherent value, that should come out by the aggregate voices who chime in on them.

    Otherwise, your realistic options are:
    1) Let them go and focus on something else
    2) Try to sell through Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions, etc. Maybe one or two will sell (but don't count on it - the odds are not good)
    3) Pick the best one to develop (again, the odds of success are not good, but failure is guaranteed if you don't even try)

    Believe it or not, your most profitable option at this point is #1

    Whatever you decide, good luck.
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    if you have a use keep them, if not let them age or sell.

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