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I am not sure if what I want to do is possible but thought if it was somebody here would know how to do it!

I have created a short welcome video which I will place in one of my sidebars and my questions are this.

1. Is it possible to set it up to autoplay ONLY the first time a vistor comes to the site? I know it is possible to get an optin pop up to appear only the first time someone visits and just wondered whether it could be done with an embedded video. I can prob get it to work with the pop up but want the video embedded on the blog so that people can watch it again say at a later date.

2. Some of my blog themes have an option to make a sidebar widget only appear on the home page but for the ones that don't is there some kind of php code i can use to make the vid only appear on the home page?

As I said I'm not sure that my Q1. is possible but thought some of our resident video experts might be able to do it, fingers crossed!
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