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Remember when websites would almost always have a "bookmark this website" or "bookmark this page" link on their page? Id you don't that was back in the 90's. Bookmarking websites was a rife marketing strategy to try and get you to revisit. It never continued as the fad marketing strategy but it doesn't mean bookmarks aren't useful.

Have you ever found yourself clicking around inside your Wordpress admin to find the sections you visit most? If you're not using browser bookmarks you probably are. So now's the time to fix that up. I use Google chrome and I have a folder on my bookmark toolbar called "My websites" and inside this folder I have folders for each of my websites. Then inside those folders I have the links to the most important pages I visit on my websites.

Useful pages for Wordpress that you may want to bookmark are:
  • Posts Pages (Add New Post,Pending Posts,Drafts)
  • Plugins (Add New, Plugin Editor, Installed Plugins etc.)
  • Apperance (Theme Editor, Widgets, Menus)
  • Settings (General, Permalinks, Media etc.)
  • Plus the pages you use most

The pages you visit most should be bookmarked to speed up your day to day activities in Wordpress.

It's a simple and easy way to speed up your workflow that I've found many aren't taking advantage of. Will you take advantage?

Plus there's endless possibilities for this. What about your web mail or your Cpanel or your Social accounts?

You could save hours over the years if you start to use bookmarks. So why not?
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    Hm, I'm a heavy bookmarks user, yet I never thought of bookmarking my site backends (and I hate navigating WP and CPanel).

    Great idea, thanks. This will save me some clicks and hassle with these web interfaces.

    Btw, if you use Firefox, you can use Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar and Bookmark Favicon Changer to make it look (and function) a bit better.
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    I did this same thing a few months back and it's a huge time saver!
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      I do something similar but not as a bookmark folder. Since I build websites, I often have to test in multiple browsers, so my hot links are all coded into a single HTML page on my external hard drive and is set to be the home page for all the browsers that I use.
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