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Hello I was wondering if pictures of current events are allowed to be posted on regular websites? For instance today there was an explosion in philadelphia and I noticed a bunch of news websites showed different pictures of those events, do you need some type of license to show pictures like that or are they public? I was thinking that maybe they're copyrighted.
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    Well if someone took those photos then they are owned by that person. Unless you have permission to use them then no, you can't. Why do you think the paparazzi spend their lives chasing down those shots of celebrities and special events? They own the photo and thus if anyone wants to use it they must purchase the rights from them.
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    I'm with WillR on this one, you will be surprised how people lives have been ruined over a simple picture. It's better to be safe than sorry and just use simple free google photos.
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    For something like that I’d suggest looking at forums and twitter for people that posted pics of the event they shot themselves and ask if you can use them. It is real risky using a photo taken by a news organization and posting it on your site.
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    I can almost guarantee that pictures appearing on news sites will be copyrighted and AGGRESSIVELY protected. Rights to use them will also be very expensive. Mark's suggestion above is good to try finding alternatives versions of the shots. ALWAYS ask permission and CREDIT the photographer.
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    There is no second thought. Just agree with WillR. The news channels are very organized and they do what ever it takes to stop piracy... so believe that those images. are copyrighted.
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      Most of the large news sites subscribe to expensive newswire services for their feeds and images. DO NOT copy and post their content whether narrative or pictures.

      One alternative is this (and it won't always work): go to one of the many royalty-free image sellers and purchase an image that is similar to what you want and use it rather than the current news actual image.

      Here's an example: say there's a news story about President Obama that you want to cover. You can find royalty-free pictures of him even though they may be 2-3 years old. It's not important that they be today's picture. Use them. You can also find pictures of other types of news events taken in the past that are "examples" of current news stories. Just don't claim that the images you are using are of the specific event mentioned.

      Good luck to you.


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