What info to give away for free and what info to charge for?

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I'm a expert in a sports niche and part of my business plan is to give away free info as a leader to selling premium information (ebooks etc) - nothing ground breaking there....

But what I want to know is, from an internet marketing point of view, how do I decide what information to give way (free articles and general content) and what information to charge for (ebooks, premium videos etc)

I'm a sports coach and I charge people for most of my information so to me its all valuable, but I know that's not how IM works.

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    Todd Brown has made some very useful presentations on sales funnels and use of pre-selling. The basic message is that you need to give away information for free, not give away enough to make your product less attractive.

    To me the balance is right when: a) When some get the free "sample" don't buy, they probably never would anyway. b) You can charge for the non-free and the free information based on total value.
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    The idea of your free stuff is to want them make your paid stuff. "If this is what he's prepared to give me for free, imagine how awesome his paid stuff is".

    Most people screw up the free stuff. They give away stuff that has no real value. That can end up doing you more harm than good. When coming up with free stuff to give away, always ask yourself this. Would I be comfortable charging people real money for this information? If the answer is no then your free stuff is not good enough.

    Imagine your prospects are at point a and they want to get to point e. Your free stuff should get them one step closer to their desired outcome. So your free stuff should at least get them to point b. Once they see themselves moving towards their goal (because of the free stuff you have given them) they are going to want everything else you have to sell them.
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    Thanks guys. Thats been quite informative.
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      WillR has hit the nail on the head.

      Another related way of doing it is to take the absolute BEST content/chapter/helpful tip from your paid content and give that out for free.

      People will be so amazed they will think "Wow! If he's willing to give that away for free then the rest of the content in the paid version must be incredible!" And they will pretty much bite your hand off to get the paid product.

      Of course the rest of the content in your paid product must also be great. And the combined value of all of your content will leave you with very happy customers who will want to buy from you again and again :-)

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    If you have time before your launch or whatever... you can get on the email lists of some of the top IM guys like Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and so on...

    Not for guru worshiping! But to learn how beautiful (and insanely enticing and effective) these guys build up their pre-launch stages! On the day of their product launch, they have most of their target market salivating!

    Apart from that, you cannot get better advice then Will's above ...

    "If this is what he's prepared to give me for free, imagine how awesome his paid stuff is!"
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