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Hi. I'm a longtime lurker of the forum and do not post here much. I do not consider myself a good marketer even though. I make decent money promoting an affiliate product that I have had success with (thanks to God).

I know video marketing is all the rage today, and lately I have seen whiteboard animation videos on quite a few clickbank products sales pages. Now I know I am not the most creative marketer, as I have never had any kind of marketing mentor (which I wish I did have) but I created a quick little whiteboard video using an easy software that I'm sure most of you have heard of called VIDEOSCRIBE. Here is a link to the video.

I just wanted to know what you guys think, as I am not the most creative marketer in the world, but I believe in 'keep it simple stupid' type of promoting. And also, as a secondary question, have any of you had much success in marketing without a mentor. I haven't openly seeked a marketing 'mentor' because I'm not the most outgoing person. But I know as it is written in the book "Think And Grow Rich" one of the keys to riches and great success is having a mastermind team together working towards one goal. Not sure why I posted I just need to start being more outgoing so thought I'd give it a try. Thanks guys!
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    The blue text, is very small and hard to read.
    (the one that comes after the "how to".)
    I think the video need more work, but overall, it's a very nice defection.
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      I think this style of video is merely one degree better than article-to-video software, which imho is horrid.
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      Not meaning any offense, but if I were in your target market I would have clicked over to a different video in the first couple of seconds. It's too busy and requires too much reading.

      Maybe if you would have just written key points and had a voice over with the full explanation it would have held my interest if I were in your target market.

      Good job putting your stuff out there and trying to be more outgoing. Hopefully you'll find value in your increased interaction.
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Ultimately, video is still copy. You need to write good copy for the video, as well as pace yourself well for it. Most of the whiteboard animations also have a narrator... That's the whole point of using a video, people don't want to 'read' a sales letter.

    James Fame

    Fire me a pm if you have a question. I build businesses and provide consulting. I do not do finance/money/internet marketing niches. Fitness, self-improvement and various others are welcome.

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    Thanks guys for replying. As I said I just got this software and was fooling around with it. What I did was just pull a few key points from the owners sales page and just put it inside the video. I figure that the sales page writer did all the research that is needed to sale this product, So I just keep it simple and copy what they have on their site. Again video marketing is new with me, as I have another pretty simple technique that has made me steady income a few years now (thanks to God). I'm just looking for new ways of promotion because, I see the power of marketing, and if I can make a steady income doing it I guess anyone can, as I guess I just got lucky and hit a "homerun" with the first product I ever promoted seriously, and my affiliate skills are pretty limited apparently. Anyways thanks so much guys!
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    Honestly, you should narrate it, or outsorce to get naration done, and I agree with mialove, the blue text is hard to read....

    Best of luck

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      Thanks. I didn't create this video to promote this product. I just made this video to fool around with the software and get to know it. It's really easy to use, I like it. As for voice overs, yes they are easy to outsource using fiverr, and I also have an awesome text to speech program that actually sounds pretty realistic that I can use with this.

      Basically I just wanted to get my feet wet, see how it works, which I like it, now I will get more serious and promote harder the product that has been good to me over the years. One thing I've learned since I began marketing is, you dont have to be perfect, you just have to DO something. I'm far from any sort of great marketer, yet I make commissions (thanks to what I believe is my understanding of the "LAW OF ATTRACTION"). Thanks for replying and for this forum, I learned alot from lurknig here.
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