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Few days ago, I went to northern part of our country to visit a college old friend. It was a rural area where gas is expensive (we don't have centralized gas system in the country) and most people are cooking using firewood, charcoal, and some saw dusts in that place. The sunshine was very hot and it was around 9:00AM. My friend, who just arrived from US prepared a hot water for coffee and he headed to front yard and set-up his solar oven. Take note - SOLAR OVEN. Honestly, that was the first time I saw an actual solar oven working. In less than 10 minutes, the coffee was ready. He said they always use solar ovens in military camps.

My friend has been in US navy for 13 years and he is currently on 15-day leave. I asked him a lot about solar ovens and solar cookers (parabolic) and he told me a lot of information especially when he was assigned in Africa where he used it everyday.

When I went back at home the following night, I made a lengthy post on my blog about these products and believe it or not within 48 hours, I made a shocking 27 Amazon sales from US and UK earning $604 in advertising fees..

I know that many people are already aware of this but as I searched Google and there are few who are promoting these products. Why I am sharing this? I have no plan to concentrate on this specific niche as my Amazon blog is too general and I have no time to create another site for this. Perhaps, some of you can make some profit out of this niche. This will be a big part of the future of renewable energy and we already knew that renewable energy niche is highly profitable.

If you think this is good for you then go ahead. If not then ignore this post. I'm just sharing what I already have and my post is already on first page of Google. Few backlinks will make it to the top. I love to see a fellow warriorforum member on the same page of Google with me

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