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by rimag
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I would like to attract clubs and organizations to become affiliates- for example local communities service orgs such as Lions Club, Rotory Club, etc.
Since most of these entities would not be familiar with Affiliate marketing, but likely have decent sized email lists, I believe they might be interested in using affiliate marketing for fund raising.
Any suggestions on the best ways to reach out to organizations like this, who are not familiar with affiliate marketing and might be skeptical of the concept. Sales letter examples you have run across would be great as well.
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    Interesting idea, but I would question the concept of taking people with no marketing experience whatsoever and turning them into successful affiliates.

    Many folks here on the WF work hard at the affiliate game and are never successful. So recruiting a bunch of people who have shown no desire or affinity for affiliate marketing seems like a mis-match. Of course I could be wrong.

    I think a better way for a club or organization to make money would be to offer them a very useful product related to their niche and then return a portion of those sales to the group.

    I hope you will report back to let us know what you find and how it works.

    The best to you,


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    Your best bet is to talk to them in person. Also, don't be too sure they don't know what affiliate marketing is. If you're talking about Rotary Clubs and the like, these people have been in business long before the Internet and are no strangers to "bird dogging", "PI sales", and "Referral Fees". They may not know the name "affiliate marketing", but they know the game.
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    It would probably be a better idea to recruit them via brochures and catalogs and have your site be the last stage of the process. Of course, throughout the process you have to be available and follow up by phone.

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