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There is many ways to create information products. Some easier than others i would guess. And this partially is dependant on the personality on the creator. But how many here has successfully created Information products by simple re-purposing already created information and putting an entirely new twist on it?
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    You can tell from the WSOs and also the stuff in the War Room, that many WSOs are 'individual approaches' to common techniques. As long as the basic information is not a trade secret and the person doing the WSO is basing his implementation on his own experience, I don't see why there won't be many WSO 'rehashes' of a particular traffic or MMO method...

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      I have and do. The quality of the output depends on the quality of the original creation. In industrial terms, "prima materia" or primary source (material) is needed in order to "shape" final products from.

      This process is hard when you are not the originator of the "primary" work. You are stuck with only having to transform the content into various forms of media / publication unless you go out and do your own research to produce "prima" quality content.

      Also, most content is not published in "primary" form. You can make gross errors and false assumptions when trying to apply content to another area if you do not have the expertise to qualify the original form and in the other after transposing it.

      The best skill for content creators to possess, is to create "prima" content from which to birth a multitude of derivative works in diverse fields. The same can be done for website design, software and just about any other Internet product genre.
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    This could actually turn into a pretty philosophical discussion!

    You could argue that almost nothing is truly new, and everything is a mere rehash of something else. I once wrote a long post on Quora about how sales has changed over the years, and I got an interesting rebuttal in a comment that said "Sales has always been just about triggering the right emotions in the customer so that they're persuaded to buy." Which is true, too. So the more things change, the more things stay the same.

    But for the sake of your discussion, let's say new content means only content with absolutely original research, new statistics and information that didn't exist before. I think this makes up less than 2-3% of all content. Most content is simply a rehashing of other content, made to be more interesting, compelling, accessible.

    I've noticed a lot of blogs about the same thing- motivational stuff about transcending your limitations, questioning your assumptions, all that jazz. Some might be about finance, some might be about parenting, or zen, or biking, or running, or martial arts, or minimalism, or technology, or fantasy fiction...

    This is a long-winded way of saying, yes, most people in the information business are rehashing what others have said- nothing more, but nothing less, either. It might be easy to do it, but it's not easy to do it well.

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    Do you mean about PLR content? I once took some PLR stuff and turned it into a product, it worked out well
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    • Yes, i think most of us have noticed that most information products out there are rehashed in one way or the other.
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    I once tried repurposing an infographic through slideshare, it was a form of a video presentation but I'm not sure if that's what you meant
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    I'm sure there are many rehashed products out there and as long as you aren't copying someone exactly, you put your own spin on it and you are providing value then I don't see a problem with it.

    I often use article titles for blog post inspiration, if I see one I like the sound of I use the idea and write my own article, I don't even read the article I just copy the idea but my post will be completely different!
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    Originally Posted by View Post

    There is many ways to create information products. Some easier than others i would guess. And this partially is dependant on the personality on the creator. But how many here has successfully created Information products by simple re-purposing already created information and putting an entirely new twist on it?
    My first product is a re-purposed version of most of my blog content. The difference is that it's a package of videos where I go into even more detail about the methods and strategies and provide live examples. Where as all of my blog posts were long text posts. And I added some bonus content that's not available on my blog. My re-purposed product is only $20 bucks and I suggest that you stick with a low ball price range for yours as well since it'll be re-purposed info.
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    When you rewrite old public domain information, that's repurposing it. Many marketers have done so. You can make kindle books, special reports, membership sites (my fav), articles, adsense business based on content, etc.
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    • In a sense, it seems like all information products has been re-purposed in one or another. Not trying to be too philosophical but is there any such thing as an ORIGINAL idea? I think the key is to make the "re-purposed" product much more helpful and beneficial that the "original".
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    I'm about to take an ebook I created and turn it into a video training series.

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