Why is it so hard to give away free websites?

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I have a website that offers to build a business website in Wordpress for free if the buyer simply signs up for hosting via my affiliate link. I tried advertising on Craigslist and Backpage for the past 10 days with no response. Anyone have any suggestions. I know the problem is not with my site as it is well designed.

I could try advertising on other free classified sites, but not sure if I would be wasting my time.

I know that when I started becoming involved in operating websites I would have been thrilled to sign up for hosting on someone's affiliate link if I received a free website in return.
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  • This took me a long time to learn and since I did it helped a great deal, if you want to give something away, YOU HAVE TO SELL IT. You have to sell why they should get the free stuff that is a hard concept to get it's counter intuitive.

    Second... It often takes as much effort to sell something as it is to give it away.
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    People often equate free with either poor quality or they think there is some catch. Clearly there is a catch otherwise someone wouldn't be giving something away for free... well that's what goes through the mind of your prospect. When you then ask them to signup through affiliate links, a lot of everyday people don't understand how all that works and so it can look a bit risky to them.
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    You've got some great info from WillR an HelpingYouBeAnExpert. So just to put it in a different way.... this is a great Jim Rohn quote: "Reasons come first, answers come second".

    People really need to have a reason why you're giving away something they would normally expect to pay at least $500 for, for free. Cheap often means low quality and free often means shocking quality!

    So give them some reasons they will 'buy' into your free offer.

    And the next best suggestion is to show them some samples of what you've done. This is very important so that they can put their mind at rest about the quality.

    A good reason could be something along the lines of, "We know that when you try our free website service that you will see the quality of what we do online. We would like to build a long term relationship with you providing you other quality services and advice to increase traffic to your website and ultimately your revenue. However you are under no obligation at any time"

    That's just off the top of my head, but I think you get the idea :-)

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    Sounds like something that would have worked out a lot better 10 years ago when the number of people who wanted to get online but didn't know how to was much higher.

    It's pretty cutthroat nowadays, but I think you are going to have to get reseller hosting and package the whole thing together. Then accept the monthly/yearly payments yourself. That would have a higher long term potential than what you are currently doing. But it's not as easy as the Offline section of this forum would have you believe.

    In my area the web design firms have completely tapped the pool of new customers. So they are now calling around trying to talk people into converting their sites to HTML5 like they are car salesmen selling the unnecessary.
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      What you said did occur to me as I could advertise get a website or $5 a month, but I may wait on the idea as it will require a major redesign of the site or perhaps a new site. I have noticed that some local web designers are leaving color brochures at ice cream stores and UPS private stores doing exactly that. So that may be another avenue.
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    People sense fishy with the word "free" nowadays. You can try with something like "giveaways", "bonus", etc etc...

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