How To Presell With Reports and Information Products

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Hi Folks

I know a lot of people on this forum wonder at exactly how to presell
effectively. Well, last night I came across a great example of preselling
using information reports, by Jimmy D Brown, so I thought I'd make a
short video about it, to share with you good folks.

Basically, Jimmy uses a report, "3 Keys To Creating Big Time Commission
Checks", to presell his AffiliateNaire program.

What you'll notice is that Jimmy gives useful, but incomplete information
(as he teaches). In other words, the 3 keys are useful and important for
affiliate marketers, but they don't tell the whole story... they move the
potential customer in the right direction, but do not "give away the farm"
as it were.

This kind of preselling also demonstrates authority, i.e the subtle message
is, "If this is the kind of free information I provide, what must the paid
stuff be like?"

So what did you think of Jimmy's example of preselling, and is there
anything else we can learn here?

Let's talk
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