Affiliate marketers. How have you set-up similar marketing offers?

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Hi, thanks for checking my thread and for your helpful replies!

I am getting ready to begin promoting a free I.M. software (for creating squeeze pages) as an affiliate offer. This software seems to be quite popular, I wont mention the name but it comes with a pre made website that I can upload to my own domain.

My Question is:

Should I add the free software web site to my existing domain like this:





should I register a new domain: www(.)freesoftware(.)com

My thought is that by adding it to my existing domain I will build value to it.

But, my concerns are:
1) that I might not want to offer this software forever, and now its on my website;
2) I will be adding value to the software owner rather than myself if I register a domain including/using the product name.

I look forward to some good discussion regarding these options; and how you have done this in the past, or what you have learned from your past experience in setting up a similar offer.
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  • Does anybody here have any valuable feedback on this question?

    I got a few views here on my thread but no replies!!

    Obviously there are many people who have set up campaigns and have used one or more of the options that I am considering here!!

    What method have you found to be most useful?

    Maybe I am posting this question in the wrong place ... if you think I would have more success in another place?

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      Because you will probably be sending traffic to the page and not really relying on search engine traffic, then, it really does not matter. Just do whatever is easiest for you

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    as far as SEO is concerned 1st and 2nd version of the your naming will have same effect.. the 3rd one will have little bit more.

    When you say you got this with a sales page, you are talking about a PLR Software. I am not sure if a PLR software will have enough searches a month to setup a domain just for it..

    If you already have a website, you can have it as - or such and send traffic there. it will help you establish some authority that way.
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    If this is an affliated product, I will go with the first option. This way, you may be able to promote another affliated product going forward. If you do get a lot of sales from the affilated product, then you may consider creating a new domain just for it.
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    Build a whole new website. That way you can sell it in the future if you want. Its hard to impossible to sell a sub-domain. Build an asset...create a new site. It costs pennies to register a domain name...why not?
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    Originally Posted by Rocky Mountain Dude View Post

    Should I add the free software web site to my existing domain like this:


    This is probably your best choice because if you decide to stop selling this software it will not affect your main domain.

    should I register a new domain: www(.)freesoftware(.)com

    The thing that you should consider or find out about creating a domain like the one above is...

    Is it already taken? and/or is it allowed?

    You say you are promoting it as an affiliate and it is already popular so this domain is probably already taken by other affiliates who have already thought of it.

    If however it isn't, then you need to ask yourself why it isn't. And like I said above other affiliates would have thought of the same thing so if it isn't taken then that means it probably isn't allowed by the software owner.

    So that is something you need to find out BEFORE you purchase your domain.
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