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Activity is the "life" of any forum. Who wants to constantly chat with an admin or always have to ask.. admin?

People want variety and choice. Would you build a business based on survey results of.. 1 person?
Of course not.

I'm sure some of you would have noticed the big boost in contests/Competitions lately right.

This is for a reason. Every time there's a comp, what happens?

Riots of people all fighting to give your forum valuable information/ content/ answers. And best of all.. ACTIVITY!

Some will think "I don't have 10 copy' of Traffic Secrets 2 to give away". You don't need them! Just hit the JV section or PM a buddy with a relevant product to your niche forum and BLAM!!

1) Your members have fun & benefit from all the entries!

2) Your winners get the product!

3) You get untold fresh content + forum "life blood".. ACTIVITY!

4) JV parter finishes off all of the PREsold competition runners up!

P.S. I could spend all day chatting with admin :p

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