In promoting a generic membership - Male or Female spokesmodel???

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Im developing a service that most anyone can use. It really won't lean either way I don't think in terms of who joins. I need to get some video spash pages done. Should I hire a Male or Female spokesmodel and why??? Or maybe a cartoon character? :rolleyes:
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    Maybe a cartoon. That'd be different. It seems like a lot of people use female spokes people. you should try both with the same script in a video and see what works best for you.

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    It's hard to say. Actually unfortunately I think it's a lot cheaper to hire a real person that to get a person to make a cartoon character unless there's some site where it's like a do it yourself type system. If you know of something like that let me know.
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    Between a male or female I would go with a female spokesperson. Reasons why include: more personable (in general), sex appeal.
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    It is hard to say which one will work better as you have not tested it. If it is for generic market, I will choose the cartoon version to test it out. Just my 2cents
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      According to the or so they say...use a spokesperson that the majority of your audience can relate to. They want someone that they can say "hey, they are just like me". Unless it's a product that is suppose to transform people's lives, then it is supposed to be a spokesperson that your consumer wants to be like.

      If it is a non-gender based, high dollar product, go with a male that looks straight into the camera(think of the psychology research done on the presidential debates. They predicted who would win based on what colors they wore, eye contact, age, etc.). If it is a mid-ticket item, go with a female. For some odd reason, people trust a female more. lol
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    Hi aceshigh888,

    If you were to go with a real model, I'd have to say female models are slightly more effective, but probably not by much. Sad, but true. However, it really depends on the kind of product that you are selling. If the product or service has a larger male consumer base, then a female model would be more effective, unless you are selling something that your male consumers will need a visual guide for, like menswear, for example. If you are selling a product/service that is more relatable, like an Playstation or X-box, where there is a higher male consumer base, then a female model would be more effective. So for male consumers, female models are generally quite effective, depending on the nature of the product/service.

    Female models can work well with products/services with a larger female consumer base as well. Products that cater only to females often use female models, i.e. lingerie, make-up, cosmetics, accessories. Again, same gender models work well for aspirational products/services, while opposite gender models might work better with relatable products. Looking at perfume as an example, there will always be a female model who puts on the perfume, and a male model for her to "attract".

    Cartoon characters or 3D models require you to hire an animator or illustrator to produce, and might cost the same, or even more than hiring a model and a camera team. And it won't work for a lot of products, such as menswear, lingerie, perfume, etc. They are usually used in services such as telecommunications, websites, etc.

    Ultimately, it boils down to what you're selling. Male and female models can be effective depending on certain niches, but on a general level, both are equally effective, with maybe females having a very slight advantage. Perhaps if you could state what your product/service is, then we might be able to offer more than just a general suggestion.


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