How will you know when it's time to quit internet marketing?

by Lokahi
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Not everyone is destined to be an internet marketing superstar. Some are just average marketers, barely scraping by on a few sales a week.

Just wondering if there is ever a right time to just give up internet marketing, maybe in pursuit of other activities?
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    The cold hard fact is that Internet Marketing is not for everyone. I not trying to discourage people but it is a fact because some people just simply don't have the right mindset and they are not ready for the commitment that is required to make it work.

    But if anyone is following a proven system and is willing to put in the required work, it is very difficult to fail if that person is persistent.
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      How long you should stay is something no one can tell you - you must decide if it's time to move on.

      Here are a couple of hints, though, that might help.

      If you need money desperately and you're not making anything in IM now, I think you should seriously consider getting a job to meet your financial needs. You can always work evenings and weekends trying to get an online business going if you're really passionate about it.

      If you are tired and burned out with IM and not making any progress, I would hang it up, at least for awhile. Who wants to spend a lot of his precious time doing something that he hates? When you've had some time away and your head clears (I'd say at least six months) then you can reassess whether you miss IM and want to give it another try or you're just glad you didn't waste any more time with it.

      The best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I think you have to have given it your best shot before deciding not to do it anymore. You need to have exhausted every opportunity and put in 101% effort knowing that you have done all you can to make it work.
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    Good advice there Steve @ Business Empires!
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    You are right. Not everyone is destined for internet marketing.
    It does take some persistence, and a lot of patience.

    The reason I think many people fail in internet marketing is because they fool around too much. When they get to their computer, they decide to "warm up" by doing things like, checking their emails, checking their Facebook Account, or watching YouTube videos. If someone is trying to build an internet marketing business while keeping their present job, this could be fatal.
    If you are trying to build a business under these circumstances, you are defeating your purpose. Your time if very limited. Wasting time is going to do you in as an internet marketer.
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    That's something only they can tell, but if they have been trying for years and have experienced nothing but disappointments, then I think they should take a step back and reflect on their situation. Some people might be better off doing something else.
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    Hi Lokahi,

    IM is something that requires a whole lot of time, patience, and determination to make things work. That being said, the rewards usually come in only after a substantial period of trying things out and making mistakes here and there. As Steve B has accurately put, if you are in need of money at the moment, then IM is probably not the safest option, as the rewards are usually delayed, or sometimes not existent.

    As IM is labour-intensive and involves long working hours, it can become very tiring and frustrating if it isn't something that you are inherently passionate about, and deeply motivated for. If you are not driven and motivated enough to accomplish your goals, then every setback or obstacle will definitely be demoralising to you, and the notion of giving up will often be there in your mind.

    If however, you are passionate about your goals in IM, and not in immediate need for money, then don't take a setback as a sign to quit; take it as a chance for you to overcome it and better yourself.

    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


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    Earl Nightingale said many moons ago.
    One hour per day of study in your chosen field was all it takes!
    One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years.
    Within five years you’ll be a national authority and in seven years you could be one of the best people in the world at what you do.
    However, like it has already been said you must FOCUS for that 1 hour a day and not play at it!
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    Its not how many times that you fall down, it's how many times that you get up that determines if you will succeed or fail. If this is your dream I would say press on, work hard, and success may or may not come but at least you tried. If however this is just a hobby that you are getting bored with, now might be the time to hang up your boots.
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    I think that would be only if you feel like not to continue working in the IM field. Failing or not making the amount of money you want to make shouldn't be a sign to quit. In my experience, IM will eventually work if you stay dedicated and do not give up easily.
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    1. When u find that you are earning nothing for long and also you feel no interest in IM 2. When u find yourself busy enough and dont manage time to sit for IM. 3. When you find that you are out of patience. 4. When you find your earning from IM is not enough coparing to your need. then you should know that IM is not for you and you may quit.

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    Originally Posted by Lokahi View Post

    Not everyone is destined to be an internet marketing superstar. Some are just average marketers, barely scraping by on a few sales a week.

    Just wondering if there is ever a right time to just give up internet marketing, maybe in pursuit of other activities?

    I think that yea, there are times when some people should give up.

    I think that there are a bunch of red flags that should be letting certain people know that internet marketing is not for them.

    Here are some examples;

    If you are the kind of person who is lazy, and you only put in 40%, 20%, or 10% effort a day, but still try and convince yourself that this will work. That might be sign to quit. Unless you can turn that around and train yourself to focus and build a good work ethic within 3-6 months then maybe, but other than that, if you don't want to put in effort, than building a business, any kind of business is not for you.

    if you know that you are the kind of person who is easily distracted by facebook and twitter, youtube, and other "fun" sites, and you repeatedly experience the kind of week where thursday arrives and you realize that you spent monday - wednesday just browsing and playing around and not getting any actual work done, then yes it is time to quit.

    if your comfort and enjoyment is more important than your goals, then it is time to quit.

    and just like Steve B said, if you are in desperate need of money to pay your bills, then a job might be better for you.

    if you are at risk of losing the family car, or even worse your house

    if you have drained away your life savings buying Internet Marketing courses and still haven't' made a dime, or haven't taken any action except purchasing products

    and in relation to the above, some people get a high from reading new strategies and going through new courses and "imagining" what they "could" be possibly making. And it is the pleasure they receive from that daydreaming that they are actually after and not the money. If this is you, if you find yourself enjoying daydreaming over and over again and not taking any action then it is time for you to quit.

    Obviously those are just some things, and they are not just in the IM niche but you find these patterns in people who are wanting to invest in real estate, or lose weight.

    Here are three quotes that I think are relevant

    "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do"
    - Henry Ford -

    To accomplish what you desire, will take sacrifice, and the number one thing you will need to sacrifice is your own comfort


    Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overall and looks like work
    - Thomis Edison -
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    It's like knowing to quit anything.

    pros outweigh the cons
    losing passion
    not enjoying yourself
    If you're dedicating thousands of hours and not getting results

    But at the same time all of those can be turned around.

    It's really up to you. Just don't give up if you're getting frustrated. Results will come if you're doing the right things.
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    If you lack hope or optimism for what you do, maybe it is time to move on.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    You can give up internet marketing when you consider it doesn't work for your business anymore, or you have invested some money and never got them back from IM
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    If you really feel like internet marketing isn't for you then you should quit, we aren't all made to be internet marketers after all.
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    Is your heart in it? Is it your passion? Do you feel that this is what you are meant to do?

    If so, NEVER quit.

    If not, go find your purpose in life.

    Nobody is average unless they DECIDE to be.

    If you're asking this question, you don't want it badly enough. Quitting should not be in your vocabulary unless you know your real purpose is something else, in which case go and do it.

    If you don't know what your purpose is then that is what you need to work on. It's NOT just about the money.
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    You just haven't been getting any results what so ever. If you can't even say "I made this happen" - you should probably pack it in. If you can't afford the bills, I'd suggest you get a job and work on your business part time. If you're not prepared to learn the skills and adapt yourself to the ever-changing dynamics of IM then it probably isn't for you.

    Also if you hate the term 'hard work' - this definitely isn't for you. I actually love the fact that certain aspects of IM is getting harder, it only serves to push me further each day. :p
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      Hello - there's no right time or wrong time. You will know this, and only you will know this, when the feeling, determination, drive and/or passion isn't there anymore. As in life, certain jobs, activities may not be for certain people (everyone) and one certainly shouldn't be relying totally on IM if you can't pay the bills for sure!
      If you believe you can have a future in IM then get to know the right people, ethical and those who are sincere in their offers of help - this applies in any situation/job. Keep pressing ahead - as the saying goes:
      "How you do something, is how you do everything"

      Of course, give it your best shot but don't give up for the sake of giving up unless this is how you live your life (?). . . . Only you can a make difference in your own life and direction.

      As a person, you make your own decisions unless you prefer someone else to make them for you..... :-)
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    When your ranking is going down in the Google then just less you link building rate down.

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      There is no particular time to start or stop this thing. It's a business - and it's like a piece of metal. The more you pound on it, the more you put shape to it, the more valuable it becomes and the more returns you reap. Yes I'd go with what Steve said above - if you are in need of quick money, IM may not be the way to go. You should get a job, and keep working on this in parallel.

      Originally Posted by m2bsolutions View Post

      When your ranking is going down in the Google then just less you link building rate down.
      That's not the time to quit IM. That's the time to quit Google and put your efforts in other areas of marketing.
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    If you're desperate for money and you've never run a successful
    business in the past then getting a job now makes sense.

    If you want to succeed at any kind of internet marketing you'll
    need some real passion for it.

    If you don't have that it's time to think twice about what you're

    It's possible a particular strategy that fits your unique skill set
    and set of talents will ignite some passion but it's also possible
    you'll never find any passion for it and some other field might
    suit you better.

    What you don't want to do is jump from one method to the
    next. To succeed you really need to get good at one thing so
    that you can deliver a service of real value.

    If you're passionate about that...if it's something you really
    want to do then keep doing it.

    If not well then you have some serious decisions to make
    about your career path.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Great discussion and sharing here. I am one definitely staying around and taking advice to focus on thing at a time, and making small goals and achieving them one by one.
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    It's time to quit when all of your efforts are going to waste and you barely make money online, worst case scenario: when you are spending more than what you are earning. If you really are want to be in this business but if you're experiencing what the ones I mentioned I'm not saying for you to quit. Just have a break, research, come up with a very effective marketing plan then start all over. It really doesn't matter how much you've fallen down what counts is that how many times you get back up.
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    Originally Posted by Lokahi View Post

    Not everyone is destined to be an internet marketing superstar. Some are just average marketers, barely scraping by on a few sales a week.

    Just wondering if there is ever a right time to just give up internet marketing, maybe in pursuit of other activities?

    A wise person told me one day...

    "The urge to quit is greatest right before you see success"

    Just sayin
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    If you're thinking about quitting because you're not making money, then you should stick with it. The most important thing I've learned is that persistence is key. Once you decide on a niche, stick with it until you begin to make a profit.

    But if you're really not into internet marketing and it's taking too much out of your life, then you should probably quit.
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  • Originally Posted by Lokahi View Post

    Just wondering if there is ever a right time to just give up internet marketing, maybe in pursuit of other activities?
    If you run a real business selling products and services, then "Internet Marketing" becomes a part of the overall strategy to reach the intended audience for that business. "Quitting Internet Marketing" then becomes a decision that you make only because handing out flyers on the street for that business is resulting in a better conversion.

    However if you feel that "quitting" or "giving up" Internet Marketing is an option, in order to pursue other activities, then it is likely that your Internet Marketing venture has mostly consisted of pursuing several different opportunities online without having a real focus, and now you are tired because none of it is bringing in those promised riches.

    Maybe try to think about what "pursuing other activities" might entail, and maybe you can make a business out of "that" (something you love to do?) and then come back online to market it. You'll view marketing online in whole different light.
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    There is no quitting. You're are three feet from gold!
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    Why would you quit at all?
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    Is this advice for you or someone else? Judging from your sig it seems you're doing well?
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    If you are not convinced that IM works or that you cannot do it then it is likely time to quit. That doesn't mean it can't work for you but you have to believe you will be successful or it just won't happen.

    One of my favorite quotes is "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” by Henry Ford.

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    Maybe he is working really hard but not getting it. Honestly it sounds like you need a mentor to both rejuvenate your desire and get you on the path to making some money/changing your mindset.
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    i think you will know when you don't have the patience and money to make your IM career works.
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