A little call for help, please!

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Hey guys,

So I've been learning and practicing this internet marketing shabba shabba for a few months now. Mostly learning but practicing.

I've studied a whole range...and believe me a whole range of online affiliate marketing courses. Pretty much affiliated up!

But I just want some totally, no bs, upfront advice.

Can it work?

I've made sites, I've pretty much...delved into them. Reviewed products, SEO'd (although to get the traffic, big traffic you gotta invest that's understandable) so I tried affiliate marketing. Pretty much zero so far. I used clickbank products.

On the other hand, I figured i'd pick up my brain and get involved in something I like doing. So i'm writing a ebook and a fiction story. Something to share with folk, because products pay and its something I like doing as well as helping people ain't it?

Other than that, what i'm really missing is folk to chat with. I can get it on the forums, but really i'm not looking for coaching just guys I can chat with. Converse with and bounce ideas and such around. I've got the Warrior Forum and you guys are great but I don't really know anybody?

So that's my call for help, a few friends in the online marketing world to chat with and keep me motivated.

Thanks Chris
  • Chris,

    I’m not very involved with affiliate marketing but do make money online. When you are first starting off and finding your way, it can be frustrating and it may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere. Just keep at it, learn as much as you can and don’t give up. If you really like what you are doing, just keep doing it and you will eventually learn some good techniques and have some success.

    Good luck to you,

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    Maybe you can find a skype group chat to join? I know there are a lot of them going on right now in the SEO community.
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  • hello Chris,

    I am also new into the internet marketing world ... at least in the business end of things. I have also done much research and studying and I finally have a couple of projects that I'm working on. But I have not yet an actual campaign.

    Some things I know that make a huge impact on converting is both having a "valuable" free offer to build a targeted list and "valuable" products to sell to people on that list. Another important thing is the headline copy, it must get attention, and interest. And, of course a good sales copy to "make the sale."

    I am curious about how you are doing with getting sign ups to your list?

    no sig

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    I was trying to get in to affiliate marketing but maybe it's just not the right place for me, as of yet. Though I did make good money online, but it's not working out well for me these days.
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    I cannot say much into affiliate marketing as I don't know the niche that well. However, I think that you need to be patient and allow some time for your keywords to rank.
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      I would suggest creating your own product or selling your own service. If you start having your own 'buy now' buttons online, that is when you really start making money.

      Not to say the route you've taken doesn't work, it can. It's just more difficult.

      In terms of speaking to people, you've always got chat rooms, skype groups and the like. Also, you could consider joining local mastermind groups. There is a section on the forum to see if there are any Warrior Mastermind Groups near to you.

      Alternatively consider breakfast networking etc. If you're selling a product or service you can even pass your card on. It's not really something you can do with review blogs.
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        Thanks for all the great feedback guys,

        I'm going to look into joining a Mastermind group like you've advised I think that might be a good call for a newbie like me. Thanks again!
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    Chris - You need to become part of a mastermind group or meet people also interested in IM in real life at workshops/events etc. Working online by yourself, pursuing your goal can be a very ostracizing experience and most people in 'regular' life don't get the whole 'IM thang'. It's very rare also that you will 'bump' into people in your area also doing it as a vocation.
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