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I just noticed something hilarious.

I must have run a WSO awhile back for a specific PLR pack where one of the article titles has the word "b.l.a.c.k.h.a.t" in it. As in - steer clear of it.

Well the forum automatically turns that word into "BlueFart" (or it used to) and apparently, I cut and pasted it from the WSO forum into my own site when I added it for the public.

No telling WHAT my customers have been thinking I was writing about. "WTH is a bluefart?"

And what's funny is I went to Google and Googled BlueFart and there are SO many WF threads in there:

"Someone must have shared my blog url on a blurfart site."
"Would you consider this technique to be bluefart?"
"What do you think of bluefart SEO?"


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