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So ive noticed my email open rate is not the greatest, im seeing the trend it may just get worse and worse. I know i know, if i create value they will open but still something isnt right.

Im thinking once a user signs up... rather then having an email auto responder.... have a phone call auto responder.

so user signs up at 1pm.... then autoresponder phone call goes off at 2pm, then 2:01PM, autoresponder email goes out with some tips.....

Has anyone tried this and have experience? It definetly seems to go way past what the competition is and just another thing to differentiate the company from others. As a side note ive done many follow ups with hundreds of signups and they are actually happy to hear from us so im not worried about being too aggressive or intrusive if you will.

Following up with users has cause alot more sales but i realized im just not leveraging technology like im supposed to be.
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    Well this could be a new way to do things. It's defiantly unique, and will verify that the user is real. I think it's a good idea, but might be a pain to code it. I wish you the best. Like I said, it's a good idea.
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    Hi Marketingg,

    I have auto responders set for all new clients of mine but never tried phone base follow ups. How many times or days do you follow up with your new clients?

    You might want to consider a survey....just learned some great insights on my thread...check if this might help you.
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      Any suggestions on the follow up phone calls?

      My whole thing ive learned in a very short time of following up is this:

      Dont be scared to abuse your list...both email phone calling... if they are serious... they want to hear from you....

      So my strategy is rather than tip toeing around my list scared that people will unsubscribe (its usually people that wouldent have ever bought anyway)

      Is literally get them to the point where every last one just has to either unsubscribe and/or say stop. Im a business owner not an affiliate marketer so its a bit different i think and it seems the timeframe for these people is short to buy and then they are gone forever so i think being super aggressive make sense... building a list is not really a goal for me... im not even sure how to utilize a list for the future....its kind of trying to convert over time and if not, move on to more prospects. I have one goal in mind of a sale and if i dont make it trying to upsell other products ive noticed really hasnt worked. That would be like host gator trying to sell products later on if they dont get you to buy from them.... i dont know again not sure right now just trying to convert my own products and if that means i get an unsubscribe i think thats the way to approach it.

      I would like to get aggressive on the next phone call if i did a follow up...

      i would say first phone call trigger = into

      second follow up is email = tips

      third email is slight call to action/

      maybe fourth phone call is kind of suggesting... hey didnt you get my thrid email which was a call to action? Why didnt you buy..... you should buy, weve givin you tips and you should trust us now, so buy.... and maybe utilize some sort of urgency here...? Obviously i wouldent phrase it that why lol, but you get the idea.

      I havent looked into it but i heard 2 years ago a company coming out with a service like this... you literally could do a simple POST method into their system... sometihng like aweber lets say... and upload audio.... , it would send that message to the user and have full tracking for pennies per send... Seems awesome and will eventually be the standard for all of us so i want to get this method down before response rates drop there too lol just like email has.
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    Originally Posted by marketingg View Post

    Hi, my name is ____, i handle all new accounts over at XYZ dot com, in order to properly introduce ourselves weve created this follow up automated phone message....then go into why they should trust you and buy from you..and if they dont pick up it will leave a voicemail (which we know they will all listen to)... at the end of the message say were going to shoot you over an email with some tips now... blah blah

    so user signs up at 1pm.... then autoresponder phone call goes off at 2pm, then 2:01PM, autoresponder email goes out with some tips.....

    Sound like an interesting plan.

    My only suggestion I wouldn't say something like, "in order to introduce ourselves we've created this follow up automated phone message"

    When you introduce yourself to someone it is personal. and "automated phone message" doesn't sound personal and I think is just incongruent.

    What I would do for a follow up phone message is to keep it short. I wouldn't go into why they should buy.

    All I would do is just thank them for signing up to your list, let them know you will be sending them valuable information and for them to whitelist you, and then at the end of the message I would direct them to their email for their first valuable tip.

    And then you could have 1 automated phone message go out a week, or every 2 weeks, or once a month.
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