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Quick question for those gathering physical addresses of your customers...

Here's the deal.

Everything we sell is a physical product. Nothing electronic. We currently offer a print catalog for customers- and they way customers can request a catalog is through the form used to sign up for our email list.

Here's the problem.

Some people that land on the site just want a catalog... they do not want to get emails.

That's understandable. But since we use the form on our auto-responder to collect info, we need an email address. SO... we are losing the ability to collect names and addresses of people that WANT to give it to us. Ouch!

I think the solution is to have two forms. One for people who want to get our emails and one that wants our catalogs so we can get those names added to our weekly catalog mailings.


I know we can get a simple form set up that will email us names, addresses, etc. But that would be tedious (but it would be better than what we have... so not out of the question).

Ideally it could be set up so names and physical addresses go to a 'vertical response' type company that could be managed online.

Hey... I may be missing the obvious here, so if you have a suggestion, I am all ears!

Thanks guys!
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    How do you know that they don't want emails?

    Most people understand that if they give you their email
    especially if you have double opt-in, then they are going to
    get at least an occassional email. Don't you want to send them
    special offers or notification of your new catalogue?

    If this bothers them they can always unsubscribe, if you have
    collected their details ethically I wouldn't worry too much.

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      Thanks for the reply. The main reason we know is because we get about a dozen or so phone calls per week for people requesting catalogs. We are seeing a lot more people that say that they do not want to get emails, but want a catalog.

      Not a huge deal- but I always wonder how many people are turned off about signing up for a catalog. I guess we could put our 800 number below the sign-up page and have people call if they would like a catalog.
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          Our current auto-responder allows us to collect both physical addresses, as well as email addresses (on the same form). There are check boxes allowing them to request a catalog and/or be on the email list.

          The only problem is that the auto-responder form requires an email address, so if they just choose a catalog, with no email address, they are prompted to enter an email address (apparently auto-responder services think email addresses are more valuable than physical addresses?).

          We need two lists because some people want to be on our mailing list (physical mailing list of postcards, catalogs, etc.) and some just want emails, no catalogs. I would think telling people, 'Hey, thanks for your mailing address, I know you don't want emails from us, but you are going to get them unless you unsubscribe' would turn a few folks off.

          Will have to think about this more, but you may be right on, a better explanation couldn't hurt.
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    Same situation here. Here also sell a physical product. I have two forms on our websites one for emails and one for physical catalog. Our copy reads:

    If you are interested in receiving a catalog in your mailbox, please complete this form.

    If you are interested in receiving our paperless catalog in your email, please complete this form.

    This adds a little more work, but we capture the leads either way. Hope this helps,



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      It does help. I think that is the route we will take.

      Thanks for the suggestion Andy.
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    Isn't it wonderful how people in the real world mess up all the plans and good intentions of marketers trying to do internet marketing to them?

    If your potential customer wants snail mail - that is what you need to provide.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    You can still set up a system like Andy's but using a single form.
    (takes a little one-time backend programming or some javascript).

    There's no technical reason why you cannot offer email only, physical
    only, or both - all from the same user-friendly form.

    A simple, one-off, custom solution would be your best option imho.

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