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I'm currently a newbie in the world of internet marketing and the first thing I came across was this very forum and a free wso about list building. (That happened just a few hours ago)

So right now, I'm trying to start building a list. From my personal experience, I have had a lot of failures before success in a lot of different things in life and I don't want that to happen to me in internet marketing.

What tips would you recommend for building a list? And also, I'm broke right now so I can't really spend hundreds of dollars on anything.

Thanks in advance, guys.
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    One of the most important things about list building is the relationship you have with your list (and think of them as the people they really are, not a list). Don't over promote yourself to them, and don't email too often.

    Just send them some good information often enough so they'll look forward to always reading your emails.
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    Provide quality and value to your list.
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    Thanks for the two tips, guys!
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    norahthenewbie--- Make sure you do something each day to build your list, but first you need to set up a funnel. There are many free/low cost items out there to build squeeze pages, and get funnels set up. Things that you could be doing once you get a funnel set up are blogging, writing articles yourself, creating videos, etc.... It is time consuming, but free for you to do. Remember if you never get started all the advice and learning in the world does not matter.
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    Originally Posted by norahthenewbie View Post

    What tips would you recommend for building a list?
    Well done on realising how important it is, right from the start, anyway.

    Here are five posts which may help you ...

    What are the essential things to know about list building?

    Lists: How Long to Presell - Averages

    Website or squeeze page

    Where to get reports to give away on opt in page?

    Autoresponders vs. Broadcasts

    Originally Posted by norahthenewbie View Post

    And also, I'm broke right now so I can't really spend hundreds of dollars on anything.
    Be aware that you'll need to buy a domain-name, and to subscribe to an autoresponder service (first month often free or $1, then $15/$20 per month. Don't make the huge mistake of trying to avoid this by starting with a "free autoresponder": http://www.warriorforum.com/internet...ml#post4171256 ).

    Hosting is something you can economise on, to start with, if you need to: decent free hosting companies include Byethost, 000WebHost and Freehostia, but don't make the mistake of trying to use Blogger or any other place where you don't own and control your own site.

    Quite a bit of "getting started well" in internet marketing is about "knowing what the big mistakes are and avoiding them".
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    Thanks again for the tips, guys!
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    Here's the number one tip that changed everything for me.
    It took me from making about $100 a year online, to having my first $1,000 month a year ago.
    With almost no additional effort.

    Almost nobody on this forum will tell you this, but I will since that's what you need to hear:
    Do not consider your subscribers as numbers or potential wallets

    Your subscribers are real, flesh-and-blood humans who have hopes, needs, dreams and fears.

    As the other guys pointed out, you need to give quality information, but it doesn't stop there.

    You need to entertain them, give them what they want (which includes some products they need to buy), educate and protect them from all the crap in the world.

    The internet gives us a fantastic medium to communicate to others (email) but the downside is it makes interactions so impersonal.

    And sometimes people forget that they are communicating with real life people, not just wallets.

    Respect your subscribers, and they will respect you for it.

    Talk soon!
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    Thanks for the tip and the report (that I downloaded earlier today) , Joe!
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    I would say - You have to begin with the end in mind.
    That's often hard to do if you don't have the "full picture" in your head.
    Offer, squeeze page, opt-in, traffic, build your list. Those are usually the basics, and they don't take more than a hosting account, domain name, and email marketing list account.

    Luckily, you don't need much money to get started with it. An Aweber account is $19/mo (first month you can get for a $1 trial). Beyond that, you just need the perseverance to st it up.
    Don't make the mistake I did initially and think it must be all set up 100% before you launch it.

    Joe is so right. You build the relationship, not expecting instant results. It's a process.
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    Once you've built your blog you can then give away a free ebook, you can get these online if you haven't written your own. Then concentrate on free traffic methods, pinging your blog, use blog directories, go on answers.yahoo, leave comments on other peoples blogs (interesting-no spam) This all seems a bit time consuming, but with free traffic, you do have to put the time in. But they all work. Good luck

    Louise Topping
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    To build your list develop your own product that you can give away or free.
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    Setup an email funnel, and promote it for free.

    Make sure your funnel is really good looking, professional, and ensure it makes sense.

    The logical flow of a funnel can make or break a marketing campaign.

    After you have some type of sales funnel established, you'll want to begin driving free traffic to your links.

    Do that by blogging, forum posting, creating YouTube videos, promoting your links (and blogs) on free classifieds (did you know craigslist can bring you a ton of traffic?), blog commenting, free report dissemination, and on social networks.

    So, to summarize:

    1) Setup a simple email funnel promoting products. (There are a million ways to do that, and you can find free stuff online telling you how to create a simple email funnel).

    2) Promote your funnel for free by driving traffic ANY WAY YOU CAN.

    3) Don't buy ANYTHING. Everything you need is free.

    Good luck.

    PS: Signup for Getresponse (you can try for 30 days for free, as long as you have less than X subscribers).
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    Thanks, everyone!
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    Oh, and I forgot another thing that can boost your email open rates.

    Instead of giving them the opt-in freebie all at once up front, split it across several emails. Make the emails into an e-course, for example. That way, they learn to open your emails because they know it's something they want and this should increase your email open rate later on.

    Of course that gives you more chances to make more sales.
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    There are many different tips that is available on this forum. But in general I think it can be summarized into this 3 steps:

    - Finding a good selling product
    - Build a website to collect the leads
    - Massive action on traffic generation activities

    Yeah it is a big picture view. But once I have my squeeze page created already, I will focus the majority of the time on traffic generation activities until there is consistent stream of the traffic to the website.

    Once the traffic flow is constant, you can then start to track the squeeze page conversion and the sales conversion.

    Just my 2 cents
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    build an optin page, send all the targeted traffic to your optin page, and offer quality content and then sprinkle affilate products or you own in between.

    9 years later and I still do this, and it still bring in chit loads of money for me each month.

    Yes it will take testing, and to pick a good niche, but otherwise, its still the best technique that will work tomorrow, next week and 80 years from now, when most people reading this will be dead and gone.

    Build a business, and not money spinners or WSO shiney objects.

    MONEY SPINNERS = short term success

    my point is BUILD A LIST....... not today, not tomorrow...but YESTERDAY! that is the best time to build your list.

    Build a business = LONG TERM SUCCESS, ONGOING!
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    If you have little money, go for Craigslist. Just search "how to do craigslist marketing". It's super cheap, with quality leads. Do no more than two ads a day though. one paid ad on craigslist is $25 dollars.

    Also, I recommend doing a video daily on youtube. Look up how to optimize youtube videos, so that they easily can rank and get found. Lot of potential there too.
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      Originally Posted by Snurekop View Post

      I It's super cheap, with quality leads. Do no more than two ads a day though. one paid ad on craigslist is $25 dollars.
      Plus you can take that further, we usually test with free ads first, and out of 5 ads, do some tracking see which one is doing the best, then with that ad is doing the best, and has a good call to action, do a paid ad, and you will see INSANE results.
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        After you get the opt-in just get personal with your list. Talk to them as if they were your friend. Video emails are a great way to get people to see like and get to know you. Who does that? Actually not to many people.

        Provide good content. Recommend good products. You have to find your balance. I think gvo has a autoresponder for $10.
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    When you're starting out you're going to have a huge learning
    curve and it's probably more helpful to realize you're going to
    make a ton of mistakes and half mistakes while you're learning.

    That's okay as long as you're paying attention and constantly

    On the topic of list building you really want to be building a list
    targeted to people in a very specific niche.

    When you're starting out the tighter the niche the better.

    And you want to share high quality, useful information with that

    If you want to make money from the list it helps enormously if
    there are already products successfully being sold in the niche or
    in a closely related niche.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Welcome, Norah! I say amen to JoeDRL and Jen Eick. I recently wrote a couple of posts on my website saying the same things. I'd like to add a few things that are related but are worth saying.

    First, the way to success involves meeting your prospects and clients needs by offering them true solutions to their problems. Don't play the shell game with them by stringing them along to have to buy an upgrade or advanced program to really benefit. If you offer real value from your freebie to your flagship, you will win your customers' loyalty and they will gladly pay you for your expertise.

    Second, seek to give rather than to get. Your goal shouldn't be to make money but to give your customers what they need. If you give to them, they will give to you. That's what a valuable exchange is all about.

    Third, become a bona fide expert in whatever niche you are serving. You can't know everything, but you can become the best at something in your niche. Carve out your unique place in your niche by doing what other marketers in your niche aren't doing or aren't willing to do. If you accomplish this, you won't worry much about traffic and fresh leads because they will be seeking you out.

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    Norathenewbie, welcome to the warrior forum.

    Here is my 2 cents from own experience,

    Once you set up your sales funnel,

    Be consistent with everything you do,
    When driving traffic keep at it with two or so methods until you see results,
    Be aware of the white and shiny object syndrome, you can spend a lot of money you don't have on the next best method. If you find something that works for you, keep at it. It takes hard work and dedication, keep the right mindset and have clear realistic goals of what you want to accomplish, and then go at it until you accomplished it. Put the stuff you learn into action.

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      You commented that you are afraid that you may be unsuccessful at internet marketing. You will need to have courage in this as there will be failure of some kind initially - we have all experienced this. The main thing is to fail, and fail quickly as this allows you to learn from your experiences. As one member commented it's about persisting until success reveals itself.
      Picking a niche you are passionate about and getting to understand what people in that niche are looking for is a first step. Providing a solution and value proposition in the form of an ebook,video,audio etc which can be exchanged for their details is the beginning of your list building journey. Of course treat the people on your list with respect and keep in touch with quality content and resources and they will love you for it.

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    As has been said, you ought to work on relationship marketing. This is the best form of marketing in this day and age as a good customer experience is almost a sure way that the customer will be back.
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    After you have your squeeze page and auto responder setup focus on 1 or two traffic generation methods and master them. I would advise one free traffic method and 1 paid traffic method depending on your budget. If you don't have much money to spend on paid traffic, focus on free traffic and then reinvest your earnings into paid traffic.
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    Thanks for the wonderful tips, everyone!
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