Where is the money at, promoting someones product or selling your own products ?

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I'm quite new and very young to internet marketing, and i just wanna know the forums opinion on this question.

What is a common product that internet marketers make to sell ?
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    If you don't know what to sell, take a look through common vendors with large affiliate programs, like amazon and clickbank.

    Find a product you can get behind, that's in a niche you know something about.

    Build up a site around that niche, and recommend that product to your audience.

    Over time, you'll develop your own skills and insights, and you'll start coming up with ideas for your own products.

    That's where the REAL money is. It's a long haul to get there, but it's worth shooting for, as you can build up some significant income selling your own products to loyal customers.
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    The money is in companies and individuals, so target both, and if you can source or create a product that will sell to both companies and individuals you will do well.

    You may find or create a great product, but if you can't market it.. it may never sell. Learn how to market it or outsource it.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    There is a lot more than making money to running a successful business.

    Most people under estimate the amount of TIME it takes to provide proper customer service. I see some WSO threads where the OP is just being run ragged trying to provide customer and technical service. Especially if you are going to offer software or build a custom website or graphic.

    Sometimes it is better off to just be an affiliate, earn a commission when a referral buys something, and let the company provide delivery, updates and customer and technical service.
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      To answer the question from a different angle, most people give away something first. It can be a well researched eBook/Report/Video/MP3, and that attracts people onto what we call your LIST.

      You can then start providing your list with good quality free and paid offers. At the start you might want to do as others have suggested - ie offer products from your chosen niche taken from affiliate websites like Clickbank.

      In the future, you'd want to be creating your own products and offering them. It's always better to sell your own products than someone else's. But at the start you can easily feel overwhelmed, and so the affiliate path is certainly easier.

      Hope that helps
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    Both ways to can make money and I think it will be a matter of how you promote it. If I am able to promote affiliate product, I will be able to promote my own product if I create one in the future. The biggest advantage of having product is that we can get affiliates to promote for us
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    Affiliate marketing is faster and easier to setup and start generating an income than product creation.

    I started out with affiliate marketing and it helped me learn how to generate traffic and make sales without a huge learning curve, so when I sell my own products I already have targeted customers ready to buy and I know how to get more.

    It's really up to you. I believe you will make the most money by doing both affiliate marketing and product creation.
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    Create and sell your own products. By doing so you build a list of buyers. You can then recommend other products to those proven buyers.

    If you only ever promote other people's products then you never end up with a list of buyers.
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    Originally Posted by EliTheGreat View Post

    I'm quite new and very young to internet marketing, and i just wanna know the forums opinion on this question.

    What is a common product that internet marketers make to sell ?
    You will find several millionaire affiliate marketer and millionaire product owners too. My suggestion is you take inventory of yourself to know which is best for you.

    If you are already an expert on a topic - you can see if other people are selling successfully in your market. You can test the water as affiliate promoting other peoples product and eventually create your own product. I have a student that started that way. He make good money from promoting relationship products. Now he is creating his own and some of the venture he promoted are queening up to promote his product too.
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