Best FREE way to promote my blog post?

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I need advise... I have my own blog, but i need to know the exact & safe way to promote my blog post without doing any spamming.

Please share your information in details
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    I would just suggest you make a Facebook fan page and start connecting with other pages that are in the niche of your blog. That is a great social way to add a human aspect to your blog and to get people involved, providing traffic.
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    Share it on social networks such as twitter, facebook, google circles etc... If the post is of really good quality then other people will probably share it. Most people create the article and think about promotion later. Creating a good, helpful article is part of the promotion process. So I would say creating a really good post is the best free way to promote your blog post, because people will share it.

    Don't forget to include your keywords and backlinking the post for google traffic.
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    I am completely agree with @connor
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    I recently started a new blog Slapping The Keyboard and every time I publish a new post I share it on Google Plus to the circle I created for "Work".

    Connect all your social media accounts so that each time you update your blog your social media accounts are updated as well. I use Hootsuite - works great. But of course, you will need to build up your fans on each account.

    Either way, don't forget to connect all your social media accounts.
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    social media is the way forward.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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    You need to find an audience that has already shown some kind
    of interest in what you write about.

    Building an email list first is my best way of promoting a new blog

    I know building a list takes time but at least you have a nice list of
    people who actually look forward to seeing your latest blog posts
    and actually take action on what you suggest or give advice on.

    It all depends whether you plan to monetize your blog traffic or not
    or whether it's just a hobby of yours.

    All the best.
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    thx guys

    Freelance Content Writer and SEO Expert since more than 10 years.

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    Start connecting with other bloggers in your niche by commenting their posts (try to contribute something valuable) and leave a backlink to your site. Also, posting on forums related to your niche can be a brilliant source for traffic, again, providing that you are making valuable posts.
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    You can use social networks for example Google +. Create circles by searching for people interested in your topic and add them to your circles. One very cool tip that not many know about is that if you have 100 or less contacts in your business contacts you can directly email them straight to their gmail account. So what I like to do is create 3 or 4 groups of circles Business contacts 1, Business contacts 2...etc. and then share my useful posts with them whenever I have any. Key here is that you have to provide value so that you are not just spamming them with offers or things of that sort. Provide value and at the end you can put a link to an offer or where they can get additional info.
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    Social Media is the quickest way to get your blog post seen. You should join large Groups in the niche you in on places like Facebook, Yahoo and Linkedin and Google + which is getting increasingly popular.
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