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I didn't know if this is the right forum to post to but if It needs to be moved I assume admin will put it in the right place.

My question is how many warriors here work in the survival/prepper/outdoor niche and if so do you have lists (small to large) and do they convert well or mediocre?

I'm looking for some fellow niche related warriors with lists to bounce ideas with on how to up conversion rates, your own product versus cb or other affiliate offers, plr and other list building ideas.

I have a few good sites, get sign ups, my own product and have members but conversion is always low to nill. split tested so much I'm just at a loss.

You can email me if you want to discuss or toss ideas at

Thanks ladies and gents
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    I have a silly zombie/prepper site I hardly ever work on at My Survival Gear List

    I registered it well before I ever got involved in IM, and forgot about it for a long time. One day I checked in on it and saw it was getting a small but steady stream of visitors every day.

    At one point I thought it would be a good idea to put a wiki plugin on it so that people could register and create their own product reviews. Shortly thereafter someone hacked in through the plugin, started spamming emails with it like crazy, and the host shut the whole account down. Unraveling that was a mess!

    Here's what I believe (and obviously I'm not doing it, because my time is better spent elsewhere...but I might outsource it one day) is necessary to improve the responsiveness in this niche:

    Unique, frequently updated content gets attention--and controversy!

    Involvement - people need the chance to share their opinions on gear or whatever

    Focus - with your offers especially...don't try to be all things to all people...make it so that they have to come to you if they want a deal on whatever it is, or maybe even just to get it at all. Control the source of supply if you can.

    I've bought some PLR content that can easily be rewritten to generate more hits. Some videos couldn't hurt. But putting up some opinions and creating some debate is the best way to get involvement.

    Right now that site is pretty much a one-time visit for most people. That'll have to change. Is your site like that?
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      Hi Jason and thanks for the reply.

      Well, yes and no. I have plenty of traffic and also get sales from sidebar ads and adsense clicks, sales of my own product too.

      quick p.s. I checked out your site and the only things I'd change is to make it easier to navigate and brighten it up. I have found the dark sites do not do as well as something lit up. Navigation also must be super simple and quick or people just fall off.

      my biggest thing is the subs/list, I have a few thousand (just over 3k) but its like talking to a wall. Have never made a single sale with the lists although open rate is and stays at right around 27% and click thru rate stays right around 5.3% but never a single sale.

      I have setup numerous conversations, freebies, contests, polls and other things to get involvement and I actually get great response especially when I do a questionnaire on what they want, need or want to see more of so that is what I follow and then again get great response but no sale.

      It is funny on one hand because I'll send out a broadcast with an offer without a hard push and get no sales, but the same people that wont click through the link in the email will purchase the same product off the website sidebar!!!

      Not sure what it is, I seem to do a lot of extra work without the payoff. I am now mainly focusing on building traffic to my new network so am hoping that may change the response rate with the mails.

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    So the problem is with the email responses. I wonder if they have to be "in the mood"...on your site, to buy.

    Maybe instead of linking directly to the product (if that's what you're doing now) in the email, send them back to your site and instruct them to buy off the sidebar banner.
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      Good idea.

      I do have them most of the time (80%) link to one of my sites so it will always go thru an indirect link then to the aff landing page.

      Hec, maybe I should just try direct to the landing pages???

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