I'm getting closer to launch....any suggestions???

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I'm getting closer to launching a membership site. I'm trying to determine what would be the best way to go about launching it. So lets say I'm at the stage where I have it online, bug free, and thoroughly tested to function properly.

What would be the next step, or launch formula??? I'm just thinking I should start to put together some kind of a strategy or action plan of how I'm gonna begin advertising this once it's ready for users as I'm weeks aways now. I've been working on this for 8 months now and I have no plan B. This has got to work for me! It's my destiny!! ha ha

What do you suggest???
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      Originally Posted by moneymakerguy0212 View Post

      Where are you launching it? Clickbank, Clicksure? Or JVZOO or just a general website with no affiliates?
      Well, the way in which this thing is built is it would be too risky to try and launch on JVzoo or any of them. I feel I need completely independant systems. So the affiliate program is an internal system. I want to have full control over everything.
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    I'm mainly trying to ask, what would be a good advertising strategy???
    EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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    I don't think clicksure has monthly rebill option yet so membership site wouldnt work
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    Go into a powerful advertising and marketing, get some users, some testimonials and then the business will take its own course.
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    Depends on the nature of the product. The first customers are worth the most, make it Too Easy for them to send you feedback. I'd launch slowly, collect testimonials and improve things based on feedback (both direct feedback and site metrics), tweak things up for improvements then blast hard core into your target markets online environments.

    Hope it goes well for you, and congratulations!

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    A thought to add to what others have said would be to make an offer through whatever niche forums are available, to run a 'test' in exchange for a month free - in exchange for testimonials. Build up the testimonials at the same gaining respect and awareness.

    I am researching membership software for a local business application at the moment and wondered if your site was custom developed for the core membership management, or did you find one that works well - off the shelf? (If you can share this info.)
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    A press release is always a good way to promote the opening of a website or business.

    Also, to drum up some local support try a newspaper advertisement or article.

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