What kind of niches should I work with?

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As a few of you might know, I just found myself in the internet marketing world a few days ago. I'm planning to build a list, but I have a few roadblocks in my path.

I'm broke, so I feel uncomfortable promoting offers in the im/mmo niche. What niches would you recommend?

Thanks for the support, guys.
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    Some of the hottest niches out there are:

    -fixing relationships
    -health and wellness/fitness
    -weight loss
    -astronomy, and other hobbies

    Edit: Also, work at home moms is an in demand niche

    There are others too of course but those are some of the main ones where you stand the greatest chance of making money.

    Figure out what you enjoy reasonably well, and see if it's within one of these niches. You're best off doing something that's in demand, but that also interests you, even if that means that you aren't doing the thing that interests you the most.
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    Generally I will choose a niche market that will be evergreen and profitable.

    The 3 main markets that I will look into:

    1) Health and Fitness
    2) Making Money
    3) Dating and Relationship

    As long people are around, they will face problems in these 3 areas which means they will be looking for solution.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Hi norahthenewbie,

    I think it'll be better for you to find something that you like and care deeply for. What do you really like, and would like to help others with? Choose something that you feel passionate towards, and use that as a starting point to finding a suitable niche for you.

    Looking for a niche and then working towards it is an efficient strategy, but if you want to get really good at your niche, and to generate relevant and genuine content for others, you will need to invest the time, money and effort to dive into it. If you do not have a substantial interest or passion driving you, it'll be very easy to burn-out. If you encounter obstacles along the way, it'll only be easy to give up if you do not have the drive and the passion to reach your goals. Personally, it is far more fulfilling to find a niche that suits you, rather than a niche that is simply popular/hot.

    So you can try by listing out a few things that you really like or am interested in, and do some research on the feasibility of those options before starting anything.

    Cheers, and all the best!

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    Some of the best niches were already presented to you. My tip is for you, is to choose the one you are comfortable with. That being said, choose the one where you have more knowledge and experience, because that will be a good start for you to enhance what you already know, and stay motivated to learn new things around that chosen niche. Good Luck!

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    Thanks, everyone!
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    It is for me very simple, the niches you feel good with.
    If you keep it close to what you like, you are able to write with passion, to help your clients and give real value to what you do. And that will pay out.

    The niche itself doesn't matter, it can be about butterfly's or nail polish. Keep it close that is the key to success.


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    Certainly choose dating. I am quite new in IM as well and know nothing much about IM stuff but running few dating sites and making good income from them.
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      I think a couple of Nathan's suggestions, above, are particularly worth a look (especially if you know anything much about them to start with, or like them): gardening (that's a market, of course, not a niche, but it contains plenty of niches) and astronomy (a great "enthusiasts' niche" with a lot available, to promote).

      You're obviously right to avoid IM and MMO niches. I suggest, also, that you avoid dating, fixing relationships, illnesses, dieting, weight-loss and fitness.

      Be aware that the most popular niches, in which the most money is spent by customers, are also the ones in which beginning marketers are most likely to fail, and that there are reasons for that.

      Ultimately it's about whether you want to sell jeans or skating videos (just a little metaphor). The big mistake is to try to sell something that everyone else is already selling. That stacks the deck well against you. It's really important to understand this, and it typically saves a lot of wasted time and energy, if you understand it before you start!

      The people who aren't as successful as they'd like, in this context, aren't people who "don't take action": they're people who set off in the wrong direction.

      It's explained in more detail here: Niche Selection Roadblock

      And here: Weight Loss Market: Still Profitable ?

      And here: Most Lucrative niche in Internet Marketing?

      And here: Guess who is going to have the most profitable business?

      Good luck!
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    It depends mostly on what you want to do .

    If you want to build a big authority site and build a list with it the choose a profitable niche but try to find something that you like to write and work about.

    If you plan to create multiple niche websites then you got a lot of different ideas here so far so it your choice

    Good luck with your plans!
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    Health and fitness
    Weigh Loss

    I know people in the above niches having lists and they are doing good with them.
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    Most people watch porn online, i'd say porn.
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    You should choose a niche that you have interest in because you'll be more motivated to build the site up. Once you find that niche, research it on google keyword tools to see how may people actual search for that niche. That will give you an idea of the type of traffic you can get to your website after you market it.
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    A Niche which you are passionate about.
    A Niche which you really love.

    I love animals... so animal is my niche... yes then there are sub-niches.

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Thank you so much, everyone!
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    Hi Norah

    I'd recommend trying to find something that you are truly passionate about, everything will go a lot smoother if you do. Writing blog posts & emails, creating your own products and promoting your business will come more naturally if you really believe in your niche and what you are doing.

    Just make sure that what ever you choose has a big enough audience for you to market too, a great way of finding this out is to use the google keywords tool.

    Hope that helps!
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    I thank you all so much - I think I just made my decision!
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    I would suggest starting with Amazon. They are easy to get accepted into and have offers for everything. At the point you simply need to find a way to drive targeted traffic to the product of amazon you selected. PM me for more details
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