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I hear a lot of people having good success with youtube as their traffic source, Do you pay for your Youtube advertising, or is it just uploading and get Free traffic?

Thank you
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    I get a ton of traffic from YouTube and I've never once paid for advertising their. YouTube videos rank high enough when you use the right keywords that you shouldn't be having to pay for advertisements
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      Originally Posted by Chase Watts View Post

      I get a ton of traffic from YouTube and I've never once paid for advertising their. YouTube videos rank high enough when you use the right keywords that you shouldn't be having to pay for advertisements
      EXACT same scenario as Mr Watts. YouTube Video Marketing Rocks!
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    That answers alot of questions Thank you
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    The best form of advertising on Youtube is creating actual videos full of content that help people. I think you'll find if done correctly they will outpull paid ads.
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    getting free traffic on youtube is a slower process than paying for advertising
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    I just upload my videos there, do SEO of them and make money out of them.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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      Create good looking videos that add value to the viewer, put your website URL in the description and see the traffic come in . You can check out the free report in my signature to see how I drive traffic with Youtube.

      Good luck .
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    of course free traffic, I have dozens of videos on Youtube and having great success with them.
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    if your video targeting your targeted audience/traffic and they think its use full for then you don't have to spend any money on youtube adds, but video must be informative and good . and if you target and do seo with good keyword you will get good rank at Google.
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    now a days You tube is very popular i assume that with the help of You tube you can take lot of visitors on your site and also you get do follow link for increasing search engine traffic and stay on search engine ranking.
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    I've made good Adsense from YouTube since it began.
    Some of my early videos are quite bad in terms of picture and sound quality, but they seem to give value and earn nicely each month.
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    The beauty of YouTube is that you can earn twice: first from their AdSense and then by directing the same traffic to your own site through onscreen links. Long may it last!!
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    So long as you get your keywords right and put them in the right places then you will get views without advertising. You may get more by advertising but make sure you target the ad correctly. Problem most people have is they just slap up a video hoping it will be seen. This does not work. You need to do it right as Google and YT want. Follow the rules and you will get onto the higher pages of the search engines fairly quickly.
    Signature How To Get Top Ranking Videos In Google and YouTube - In Days!
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    Youtube videos offer a ton of marketing opportunities. You can rank videos in both YT search and Google search. You can also take advantage of a number of "internal" YT features to drive traffic and views, such as getting your videos listed as "suggested" videos on the pages of other popular videos, commenting, building page rank to your channel page, etc.

    Bascially, YT offers the best of search marketing combined with the best of social marketing.
    Discover the fastest and easiest ways to create your own valuable products.
    Tons of FREE Public Domain content you can use to make your own content, PLR, digital and POD products.
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    I prefer to upload useful videos instead of using their ad services to drive traffic. There are various ways to optimize your YouTube videos with keywords that will gain it more exposure. The great thing about uploading videos to drive traffic is that it's free and can also provide ad revenue.
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    Youtube offers results and that too in no time. However for good results you need to keeo few things in mind:
    1. Prepare a good video ( informative, interesting and catchy)
    2. Use proper Title to bring it in your relevant search
    3. Make use of right keywords and that too in limited amount
    4. Don't make it lengthy
    5. Make a channel and keep on putting videos in the proper manner
    6. Share your views on others videos and this is how it should work

    No need to pay anything here!
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    When I first got started online I didn't have any money to buy traffic.

    I only had one option and that was content creation.


    Was awesome for me.

    I have built a list of over 8,000 subscribers just from Youtube alone.


    I did it with only one days worth of work.

    I just set aside one day, and recorded a ton of keyword related videos.

    I still... to this day... get over 20+ subscribers per day. And I haven't touched that niche in almost 2 years.
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    YouTube has tons of money opportunities. With proper optimization, video content, and some eye catching twists on the videos you create! Bam!
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    Let's talk about maximizing profits through YouTube

    Most people forget the power of YouTube and they focus on the "internet marketing" aspect. Take a step back for a moment and look at it from a broader perspective. Remember YouTube's business model thrives off of advertising (hosting is expensive). So, if they thrive off of advertising what does this mean for us?

    Well it means one thing, we need to provide great value. You don't "need" to advertise on YouTube but for most of us marketers that's what we do anyways. They come to the video and see an advertisement, they skip it and then basically what they are seeing is another advertisement...

    No value. People are solution based and solution based videos are the one's that get shared. I have a list of a little over 4,300 subscribers that was directly from YouTube, no advertising, no flashy sales video... Just value.

    See one secret I've learned is that just like a movie preview people like that anticipation. Make a video that has awesome content, tell them to get on your list for the conclusion which they will get after 2 days of waiting...

    During that 2 days of waiting you want to send out your messages to build up anticipation on that one subject. In your message you'll want to show an example of what you'll be giving them as a teaser.

    They love this and if you'd like to, right before you give them the content you can put another video link in your autoresponder message to hype them even more and to thank them for waiting and that it'll be well worth the wait. If they held on for those 2 or 3 days (or however long you choose) they will be more refreshed when they get their content. It's now time to sell them on an idea.

    That's it, that's one way to really pull in your audience and maximize.

    Hope this helps

    Warm Regards,

    Daniel Brown
    Get Electric
    (buzz buzz)

    "How To Get Clients Begging To Pay For Your Services... And Close More Deals FAST!" Get Clients Now

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    I like getting free traffic from YouTube, while paying for text and banner ads elsewhere. (I don't use AdWords)

    If you know how to use it, you won't need any other marketing tool (unless greedy).
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    yup I nail it with youtube - all freeeeeeee too - well minus the time factor but its quicker then anything else i have done (again minus nailing it google trends back in the day and of course the power of mighty affiliate traffic)

    Just helping out

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    Creating quality videos is not so easy. However, it is a great way you can gain exposure. I get over 50% of my traffic to one web site via you tube and similar services. Please create a link in the description that is short and easy on your memory. If necessary create a new domain name. It should be less that 8 letters long to stick in a users memory. Yeah, make it six or seven - no more.
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    I love how everyone here is so in love with Youtube, yet I bet 99% of you get less than 20 views for every video you put up, lol. And if you're just "doing proper keyword research" and loading them up, I KNOW that's all you're getting. Just throwing up videos isn't going to bring you any more traffic than just throwing up a webpage will.
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    Is there any suggestion of the tools to convert article into video fast, easily and inexpensively?
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    Wow it is inspiring to know that many people are getting great results with Youtube. Time for me to know Youtube marketing in details so that I can take action on it.
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    If you're creating high quality, highly targeted content you
    can use it in multiple ways including putting it on your
    website and sending people on your email list to that content.

    You can also use that content to submit as articles online,
    convert it into online press releases and use a wide variety
    of other strategies.

    And you can turn quality content into videos and submit it
    to video sites like youtube pointing those videos back to
    your website with a URL in your video description.

    Thinking of online video as a part of your overall content
    strategy is going to get you a much larger return for effort.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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