Affiliates not delivering promised bonuses?

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For the second time I've received an email from a marketer who's list I'm on promoting a new product, promising other products as bonuses if I buy through their link, and despite having sent my purchase confirmation details to the marketer I have not received the bonuses or even a response.

Is this just me? I've had a couple of bonuses delivered from other marketers so I know that I must be doing something right, so it's bloody annoying that others don't seem to deliver on their promises.
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    You gotta contact the affiliate BE4 purchase and confirm.

    Sometimes they have pre-set content which doesnt mean they actually are offering any bonuses.

    But most of the times they simply lie to you! I've seen this happening after a certain WSO came out teaching people how to get more sales by offering bonuses. It was a huge HIT on blackhat forums. You make your own conclusions.

    I guess you should investigate a little and not accept the "bonus" promise if it comes from YT videos, google Sites, Wordpress. blogger or other free platforms.

    Usually people that have dedicated websites will stick to their word as NOT delivering a bonus might hurt them more!

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    There are good and bad affiliates just like there are good and bad vendors.

    Some affiliates are only in it for the money and will promise you the earth and deliver you nothing. Those people definitely exist in this industry and you need to stear clear of them.

    But the reality is most affiliates that promise you things like that will deliver on those promises. I always do. No one is going to believe your word or buy from you again if they can't trust you.
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    Thanks both of you. There are indeed good guys - the ones who have always delivered on their promises to me are Rick Warid, Brian Johnson, and Sam England. Of the two that have not delivered or responded, I unsubscribed from the first and will not buy any of his products again, and the other I'm giving till the end of the week before I blacklist him too.

    I see the (dishonest) logic in trying to get commissions this way, but it seems weird considering it's surely more valuable to keep buyers on your list.
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