does ezine, squidoo and hub pages still work

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i am reading an old affiliate marketing report called affiliate marketing complete written by Phillip wWheatley. In it he talks about submitting articles to these sites as well as submitting your sites to web directories.

My question is, does these still work?
and do article spinning some real unique content (spun so good you cant tell) still work in submitting them to these sites?
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    Squidoo has no-follow external links (recent)

    Hubpages is very strict about affiliate links.

    Ezinearticles has dropped in rankings - if a few years back you could rank for a keyword with it is practically non-present on first page of google.

    Of the 3 - i would choose Hubpages for quality targeted campaigns.

    However spamming them still works..but not nearly as effective as a few years back!
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    I can't speak for Squidoo and Hub pages because I stopped using them long ago,
    but if you're referring to Ezine Articles, don't waste your time. With their latest
    new policy change (no squeeze pages in author bio unless a link to an authority
    site of blog accompanies it) makes using them to build a list worthless. Add to
    that the fact that Google has slammed the hell out of them, making the chances
    of you getting any article views slim to none, IMO, they're a waste of time. I
    will never submit another article to Ezine Articles as long as I live unless
    somebody gives me a damn good reason to.

    My 2 cents. Take them for what they're worth to you.
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    I would say don't waste your time.

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