What Holds You Back in WordPress Development?

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I've seen a lot of "basic" or "beginner" training courses on WordPress, and have even seen a speckling of "Advanced" or "developer only" courses as well...

But I have a hunch that many of you could use some help in the "intermediate" category of WordPress training... to take your WordPress skills to the next level.

Would some tips & tricks of speeding up development time, things like the ins and outs of FireBug, be valuable in an Intermediate WordPress training course?

If there was a WordPress topic that would cut down on your costs, and speed up time to delivery with your WordPress site, what would it be?
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    Honestly, when I build a Wordpress site now, I enjoy the process of seeing a customization I want to add and then going and figuring it out... Thus I learn more about Wordpress. I want to expand my skill set, and I seem to learn best by doing.

    My speed seems tied to my perfectionism, not my lack of skill.

    I would say, I could use some user-friendly training on how to create a theme or child theme to sell on Theme Forest or the WF, etc... so I can make money without a big capital investment.
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